1. S

    /dev/mapper/pve-root does not exist

    I ve been having this problem over and over again and i cannot figure this out. Over the past year because of this problem i have formatted and reinstalled Proxmox 6 times. I dont understand what i am doing wrong so please help. This time i updated from proxmox 8 to 8.1 and upon rebooting i get...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Almost full "pve-root"

    Hi guys One of my Proxmox nodes have the local partition almost full. But I can't find the files that are using all that space. I'm trying to avoid a clean reinstall. Need help urgently.
  3. A

    Backup behaviour of LXC containers on PVE

    Hi everyone! I am currently trying to understand the backup process on PVE hosts a bit more because i noticed a small issue lately that i am trying to resolve on my host. Basically i noticed my backup jobs for my LXC containers stopped working a while ago because it apparently runs out of space...
  4. L

    Troubleshooting: /dev/mapper/pve-root fills up when uploading ISO's. Confused.

    Hey there~! I'm very new to any kind of virtual environment and actually got the server I'm running proxmox VE on from a friend for free. I've been running like 2-3 VMS at a time and just decided to spin up an AD lab on it for pentest practice. While uploading the Kali iso I wanna use it...
  5. R

    Speicher unter /dev-mapper/pve-root läuft voll

    Hallo Forum, vielleicht könnt ihr bei folgendem Problem helfen. Der Bereich unter dev/mapper/pve-root läuft seit einer Zeit stetig voll. Vor einigen Wochen war es zum ersten Mal soweit, alles zu 100% voll, Server reagierte nicht mehr und es half nur noch ein Neustart. Daraufhin wurden knapp 15...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] /dev/mapper/pve-root filling up on file transfer

    Dear all Moved from ESXi to proxmox I already gain experiences :) I have an issue with /dev/mapper/pve-root running out of disk space. It does that until no space is left. It does this, if several 1 TB files (database backup, zip files) with SCP (in one go) from one vm to another. I have...
  7. S

    Proxmox bootet nicht mehr richtig

    Leider bootet mein Proxmox seit einiger Zeit nicht mehr wirklich. Das einzige was ich sehe, wenn ich mich mit einem Bildschirm direkt drauf schalte ist: /dev/mapper/pve-root: clean files ****/***** blocks ****/***** Auch nach 30min warten passiert nichts. Hat jemand eine Idee wie ich das lösen...
  8. M

    ALERT! /dev/mapper/pve-root does not exist. Dropping to a shell!

    Unser Proxmox Server lief die letzten Wochen eigentlich ganz gut. Er hatte zwischen drinnen ein paar Probleme, die er nach einem Neustart aber wieder selber gelöst hat. Nun seit heute bootet er nicht mehr richtig und spuckt jetzt das hier aus ALERT! /dev/mapper/pve-root does not exist...
  9. R

    Hang on boot after hard reset on 6.1 and Zpool hangs on import

    Hi everyone, Proxmox and all it's VMs froze earlier today with no way to interact with the system (web interface said that a connection could not be established) so it was hard reset. There are no discernible error messages and it just stops at the end of the following (with a blinking...
  10. J

    pve-cluster will not start after additional RAID1 storage upgrade

    Hello everybody, today my PVE host received an additional RAID1 storage upgrade. Before the update, I had 2 x 240 GB SSD as Hardware-RAID1 (Adaptec controller). To that controller, another 2 x 480 GB SSD as Hardware-RAID1 were added. Ever since the upgrade was done, my pve-cluster will not...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] /dev/mapper/pve-root Full 100% --SOLVED--

    hai there, i need your help regarding my problem on my HD space (root), it full at 100%. i already search several issue regarding this problem, like in here, and here, but nothing work with my problem, the worse case i set my pve-root only 20GB and there is no way i can find how to remove...


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