1. S

    Issue regarding Backup-deletion (whole group)

    Hello everyone, we're currently facing issues regarding deletion of backup groups. As shown by the output of the following command, there are no Snapshots left. In the GUI the group has successfully been purged, but the datastore still reports no space freed. 1445-minute window for retention...
  2. J

    Reinstalling a Proxmox 7.4 node using backed-up files vs deleting and adding it back

    Hey everyone! So I have a 7-node cluster of PVE 7.4 and I need to reinstall one of the nodes because I did not REDACTED when installing it. I would like to keep the same IP address and hostname. The node is already empty (i.e., all LXCs and VMs have already been migrated to another node) and HA...
  3. L

    Request for Enhanced Deletion Functionality in Backup Utility

    I am writing to request a feature enhancement to the web interface's built-in backup utility. As it stands, the utility allows for deletion of one backup at a time, which can be time-consuming when managing large numbers of backups. Furthermore, the current design does not maintain scroll...
  4. M

    Understanding data/space retribution in PBS

    Hi all, After having decommissioned a PVE node, I've manually removed each VMs backup within that specific PBS PVE name space used for that PVE host. After what I've delete the name space and ran a garbage collection. It's been a good week now and I cannot see my datastore shrink its usage in...
  5. E

    [SOLVED] How to remove properly a FS (Directory)

    Hello, I am digging up a old subject : Deleting properly a FileSystem. I know that there is a very similar subjet here but the solution is for a Datastore not for a FS. I am unable to recreate a FS with the same name of a FS that I have previously deleted. Here is the full procedure : # List...
  6. D

    [SOLVED] How to remove network interface using Proxmox API?

    Hello. I can add network interface using this command: curl -X PUT -k -b PVEAuthCookie= -H "CSRFPreventionToken:" -d net24=model%3Dvirtio%2Cbridge%3Dvmbr3334 -H 'Authorization...
  7. S

    Mail Gateway tmp.db file about

    Hello there, What data does the accounts , names , groups , emails, member of, users files hold? I want to delete them, is it a problem? file extension is .db the directory where he put the file is /var/lib/pmg/ldapdb/ Mail Gateway versions : 6-1-3 Thanks
  8. D

    /etc/pve/nodes delete - What should i do?

    Hello, I won't comment on how it happened, but it happend. ;D In my proxmox I used the command rm -r /etc/pve/nodes Was there anything left to save? The VM's are all still running but they are not displayed on the web interface. I also can't access the VM's via the terminal. I am curious...
  9. N

    Restoring CT backup deletes&recreates non-backuped storage subvolume

    Hi, I tried to restore a CT from a local backup, but while restoration of the CT itself worked fine, my data storage volume (mp1) was deleted in the process. Additionally the 1T storage was recreated on `local` with 1T, but it was obviously empty. My data storage is not in the backup. At the...
  10. M

    Cannot Delete Node From Cluster

    Hello everyone, I'm folowing the: Remove a Cluster Node but when trying to delete Node 1 (powered off as well) from Node 2 I receive this: root@proxmox2:~# pvecm delnode 400 Parameter verification failed. node: invalid format - value does not look like a valid node name pvecm...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] Removing old Storage from GUI

    Hey guys! I'm still getting used to Proxmox, but so far it's been amazing! Since I'm still getting hands-on learning about the product, naturally I've been playing around with storage configurations. I've created some lvm/lvm-thin volume groups, but they were temporary, and I now wish to...
  12. W

    Disk Full - Recovering Space on Root (Proxmox 6.2)

    When trying to patch a kernel an error message always comes up saying root partition is out of space. Is there a way to safely recover space by clearing any unneeded files? Up until now I have always deleted the default lvm and extended the root partition but I’m wondering if there is a more...
  13. B

    Ifupdown2.conf gelöscht

    Hallo zusammen ein voreiliges Rm hat die configuration von ifupdown2 gelöscht nun steht der Server ohne netzwerk da wie kann ich aus der etc/Network/interfaces das wieder hin bekommen? Oder wie muss die conf für Webzugriffe aussehen?
  14. J

    [SOLVED] accidentally deleted a xxx.conf file

    Hi you all, i was trying to get rid of test vm's who where on a removed storaged so i've deleted a .conf file but i made a little mistake and deleted the worng one. this vm is still working, i have an ssh access to it the virtual disk hasn't be touched how can i restore the .conf? Thx
  15. A

    Fetchmail retrieve and keep mails N days on the server (POP)

    Hello I've setup fetchmail to retrieve mail using pop3 for a 15 accounts and only I can do is to keep messages on server or download and remove from server. I want to keep mail on the server for 10 days or more : so other clients using same mail connecting directly to the server will be...
  16. S

    Question - How to completely wipe a previously formatted LVM-thin drive

    Hi, I am totally new to Proxmox, and I'm not sure how to wipe a drive that used to be formatted as an LVM-thin drive. I was testing different options and created an LVM-thin vg on my drive through the GUI, then I tried to erase it to create a directory instead. I tried erasing it through fdisk...
  17. D

    Delete messages in Queue

    I would like to know if there is a way to only delete certain messages in a queue en mass. I have some messages building up in the queue but I don't necessarily want to delete them all, only the ones that I know are dead and will go no where. Is there anyway for me to granularly delete...
  18. A

    Ceph unable to delete multiple VM disks at a time

    Hi guys, I've got a 3-cluster Proxmox system with Ceph (...and loving it!) When I delete multiple VM's in quick succession, the first VM's disk gets deleted (takes a few minutes), but the other VM's give the following error message about 20 times while the first one is being deleted...
  19. X

    Cannot delete snapshot because not findable.

    Dear Forum, the snapshot 'Secure' shows the state 'delete'. I tried to delete that snapshot, but I get: qemu-img: Could not delete snapshot 'Secure': Can't find the snapshot TASK ERROR: command '/usr/bin/qemu-img snapshot -d Secure /var/lib/vz/images/100/vm-100-disk-1.qcow2' failed: exit code 1...
  20. K

    no local-lvm after deleting snapshot with failure and following reboot of the host

    Ich habe am 29.3. gegen 9:12 Uhr einen Snapshot gelöscht um Platz zu schaffen, dabei gab es einen Fehler, diesen habe ich nicht weiter beachtet, nur gesehen dass in der WebGUI wo ich diesen Löschen wollte, dieser noch vorhanden war. Daraufhin beschloss ich einen Tag später den Host neuzustarten...


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