1. Z

    [TUTORIAL] Automatically Enable/Disable Datastores to a secondary Proxmox Host depending on host availability

    Hey All, I just wanted to chime in on this in case anyone else is in a similar situation. I have a Primary Proxmox host that runs all my VMs and network storage, and a Secondary Proxmox Backup host that I only turn on every so often to backup my Primary host over to, but otherwise keep it off...
  2. F

    Datastore removed when disconnected from PVE

    Hello everyone. I have added a PBS datastore as directory on a PVE server. Yesterday we suffer a power outage for 8 hours and unfortunatly, the servers gone offline. When they finally came back online, i got a error 500 and i noticed that the datastore and all the data it contained, where...
  3. Z

    PBS Datastore is not available

    Hey everyone, i have a running PBS with an external USB hard drive mounted under /media/usb-pbs where all backups are stored. After the system was switched off for two weeks and I changed the static IP address of the PBS, the corresponding data storage is shown as "not available" in the user...
  4. S

    Create SMB share on datapool

    Hi, I'm new to proxmox backup server and wanted to know if its possible to create a simple SMB share for virtual machines on the same network that could be used for e.g. MySQL dumps/backups. I noticed that samba is already preinstalled and I could just create a share under /mnt/datastore/... but...
  5. A

    Move namespaces or individual backups to another local storage

    Hi, I am running Proxmox Backup Server 2.4-3 in a VM on a TrueNAS Server. So far I had connected a local path from TrueNas Scale into the PBX using NFS, mounted as /nfs/pbx. For performance reasons, I would like to switch to ZFS using a zvol provided from TrueNAS, which I added now as an...
  6. TwiX

    Purging a datastore

    Hi, My 2 synchronized PBS have a ZFS datastore which is 80% full disk space. several hundreds of VMs and the issue is that when a VM is not backuped anymore, snapshots stay on the datastore forever. We have to manually delete groups one by one... So I'm wondering if I could purge an entire...
  7. F

    SSHFS Storage as Datastore

    Heyho I have a problem. I have a StorageBox from Hetzner and wanted to use it as a Datastore for my PBS. I mounted it via SSHFS with following entry in /etc/fstab: /mnt/storagebox fuse.sshfs...
  8. C

    Datastore Import Issue

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me, however i've spent the last 3 hours trawling though the forums but nothing has worked; Essentially, I reinstalled my PVE cluster earlier this evening so I could deploy PVE8.0. Install complete, fine tuning on the VE side complete so I go to bring...
  9. R

    Backup access for users results in Permission check failed (/storage/null, Datastore.Audit(Datastore.AllocateSpace) (403)

    Hi, Despite the User having Datastore.Audit and Datastore.AllocateSpace rights (on the VM and the Pool via the appropriate PVE roles) , we have the problem that we are not able to allow users to do a backup. The backup tab is present but the user gets Backup access for users results in...
  10. L

    iscsi datastore incorrect size

    External storage is attached to the pve via open-iscsi + multipath. Incorrectly displayed volume was 3TB LUN size, pve showed 3.3 TB. Stretched to 5TB LAN after pvresize shows 5.5 TB in pve. At the same time, pvdisplay shows correctly: before magnification --- Physical volume --- PV Name...
  11. N

    [QUESTION] One datastore per customer with a quota

    Good morning, I'm new to Proxmox Backup Server. I am taking over a project in the company where I work. Currently we have more than 150 Proxmox Virtual Environment servers, we are deploying an appliance of an application that we have developed. Currently we just have local backups with...
  12. E

    Datastore Sync Job, only sync last n backup

    Hello all, is it possible for the sync job to decide that i only want sync last n backups? I´m on the Version 2.4-1 Thanks for answers :)
  13. M

    Understanding data/space retribution in PBS

    Hi all, After having decommissioned a PVE node, I've manually removed each VMs backup within that specific PBS PVE name space used for that PVE host. After what I've delete the name space and ran a garbage collection. It's been a good week now and I cannot see my datastore shrink its usage in...
  14. H

    datastore nicht mehr verfügbar / unable to open chunk store

    Hallo zusammen, ich benötige Hilfe bei einem Problem mit dem PBS: Nach einem Update und anschließendem reboot eines nodes (PVE+PBS) ist der einzige datastore "srv2-data-bak" nicht mehr verfügbar. Kurz davor oder danach habe ich auch den Hostnamen geändert. Zunächst fiel auf, dass die backup...
  15. F

    Storage optimieren

    hallo forum und staff, wenn ich eine Umgebung habe, wo ich ausschließlich VMs mit dem PBS sichere, wäre es dann nicht sinnvoll eine Blockgröße von 4MB für das Filesystem des Datastore zu konfigurieren, da ja die chunks alle 4 MB groß sind? Im Forum habe ich bereits einen Wert von 1 MB als...
  16. Y

    Migrating backups from local storage

    When I migrate a machine, the backups for that machine is left on the local storage of the source node. How can one migrate the backups to the target node also?
  17. F

    Truenas NFS to proxmox backup server

    mounted the share in fstab and did mount-a in truenas i configured an nfs share But everytime i go to add a datastore and add the absolute path to /mnt/ProxMoxSharea it will not back to it. Even though that path is mounted on the backup server.
  18. N

    Increase size of PBS Datastore Directory

    Edit: fixed it in my latest comment! ---------- Hello guys, I'm running PBS 2.2-6 on my TrueNAS SCALE as a VM. I started out with a 6TB Volume for my PBS Storage and a 32GB Volume for my PBS Boot drive. The Storage started to fill up, so i increased the 6TB Volume to 11TB. After a Reboot...
  19. R

    Datastore LVM inactive

    Hello, all of a sudden out of nowhere on 1 server my local lvm datastore was on unknown.. i shut down all VMs and restarted the physical server once. Now the datastore doesn't want to link either. I get an inactive status message at pvesm. When I do lsblk I can see my /sdb where the raidset...
  20. I

    PBS datastore

    Hello, I have Proxmox & TrueNAS on my network. I created a PBS container on Proxmox and want to use the TrueNAS as the backup datastore for PBS since I have already setup ZFS Replication from TrueNAS to another server. So when I use TrueNAS for PBS, I would get 2 backups for the price of 1...


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