1. A

    compress-force=zstd:3 as standard for BTRFS?

    Hi, I have chosen to use BTRFS since I have been using that since it was included with (Open)SUSE so also chose it for Proxmox. I noticed very low compression on my disk images. Just a few percent. You can easily investigate this by using compsize (package btrfs-compsize). The default mount...
  2. D

    The wish to get a XZ as a compression option in VM and Container BackUp

    Hi i am a happy user after upgrading from "Debian 11 Proxmox 7" to "Debian 12 Proxmox 8". I am trying to write in the Proxmox forum in the hope there will be more finding this feature request possible. I may have requested this on bugzilla in an inconvenient time when we were close to going...
  3. S

    Backup Performance Issue

    The read and write rates in Proxmox Backup Server backup are very low, so I think backups are progressing very slowly. I tried many things but I couldn't find a solution. As far as I can see, I realized that this is related to compression. I have done some tests and attached the results. It...
  4. T

    Feature suggestions for PBS backup speedup.

    Hi, After some testing and feedback from proxmox staff, I would suggest: 1. reenable change of compression level during backup to PBS (now it's locked to ZSTD, but in the past it allowed uncompressed). At this point forcing compressions can make CPU bottleneck and also increase load on the node...
  5. T

    Compression accelerator for PVE Backups

    Hey Everyone, PCIe accelerator cards of all shapes and sizes interest me, mostly because CPUs are these hulking beasts that handle significant amounts of processing and they are constantly taxed from "side" or "auxiliary" workloads outside of their primary tasks. Take a hypervisor, proxmox...
  6. G

    ceph pool compression lz4

    Hi, to save some space on our ssd-pool i've enabled compression on the pool: ceph osd pool set VMS compression_algorithm lz4 ceph osd pool set VMS compression_mode aggressive with: ceph df detail, i can get some details but cannot verify if it works. Any hints? Is "ratio" needed as well...
  7. H

    zvol volblocksize doubts

    Hello everybody, Right now I have a 4TB zvol that is attached to a VM that works as a fileserver over NFS/SAMBA. There are some issues with this zvol configuration (mainly related with volblocksize) and I would like to create a new one with the right config to replace the old one. This zvol is...
  8. C

    [SOLVED] Should you use compressed ZFS Pools?

    Hello, I was wondering if using the compression feature on ZFS Pools is worth it. The press release of PBS states the following: And in Proxmox you can enable ZSTD compression. Usually compressing already compressed data doesn't really work that well and just creates overhead, has someone done...
  9. H

    Verifying and changing te Compression Level of Backups

    I just found out I can use pigz instead of gzip. Now I can use the higher compression without extending the time of running backups. In GZIP you can define a Compressions-Level of 9 but default is 6. How can I see which compression level I am currently using with vzdump and how can I change...
  10. R

    proxmox spice - control video and audio compression

    Hello, We use x2go and chrome remote desktop for VDI on the virtual machines that are on proxmox. We recently started using spice to access webcam through weaker computers (dualcore processors) that don't support good quality video conferencing. Everything is working perfectly (audio and...
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    [SOLVED] Making a backup using pigz compression results in errors and a failed backup?

    This is what my vzdump default settings look like: #vzdump default settings tmpdir: /tmp dumpdir: /mnt/pve/synology/dump #storage: STORAGE_ID mode: snapshot compress: gzip #bwlimit: KBPS #ionice: PRI #lockwait: MINUTES #stopwait: MINUTES #size: MB #stdexcludes: BOOLEAN #mailto: ADDRESSLIST...
  12. D

    Question about Ceph Bluestore Inline compression setup

    Hello folks! I've been working on a Ceph cluster for a few months now, and finally getting it to a point where we can put it into production. We're looking at possibly using an all flash storage system and I'd like to play around with using the inline compression feature with Bluestore. Now...
  13. M

    sparse and compression

    Dear all, Is it advisable to use sparse on ZFS pools performance wise? And compression? Which kind of compression? Can I change a zpool to sparse on the fly or do I need to turn off all VMs before doing so? Why a virtual disk shows as 60G when originally It was 36 Gb in raw format? NAME...
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    Ceph bluestore lz4 compression

    Bluestore is pretty awesome and supports inline compression, which would be great for reducing size and increasing performance. Unfortunately, the lz4 compression module is not included in the official release. devs- can you remedy this please :)
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    Proxmox 5.1 bluestore compression

    Hallo an die Community, eine Frage zu Ceph und Proxmox 5.1: Wie aktiviere ich die "compression" im Ceph Bluestore richtig? Mit den Befehlen von Ceph z.B.:ceph osd pool set test compression_mode aggressive oder gibt es speziell für Proxmox eine Option mit pveceph createpool? Hintergrund: Ich...


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