1. D

    [SOLVED] Script: Automate media pool assignments

    So loving PBS, however I wanted to automate some things. One of those things is auto assign media pool depending on the prefix of a tape. I have an IBM 9 tape changer and I wanted an easy way to add new tapes and run a command to auto assign them to media pools depending on the label prefix so...
  2. U

    "virtual-guest" folder not found

    Hello to everyone! I can't find "virtual-guest" folder in /etc/pve. Is it normal not to find this folder if I have never used a custom cpu? Thanks.
  3. R

    Gesamter Speicherverbrauch unter RAID-Z via Kommandozeile abrufen?

    Hallo, wie kann ich analog zum Proxmox-Webinterface den gesamten Festplattenspeicherverbrauch des Hypervisors via Kommandozeile abrufen? Eine Abfrage wie # df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 7.6G 0 7.6G 0% /dev tmpfs 1.6G 9.2M 1.6G...
  4. H

    Inhibit VM/CT autostart from GRUB kernel cmdline

    When i do some kind of service work on my server, sometimes i want to boot the system to do some changes, but i know that i will need reboot again few more time, so i don't want to start the CTs and VMs yet. Is there some flag that i can specify in grub to boot without autostarting VMs or CTs...
  5. T

    add new disk to VM (via qm/pvesh) ?

    Is there a way do add a new disk to a VM using pvesh ? I use pvesh create /nodes/$(hostname -s)/storage/local/content -filename vm-XXXX-disk-0 -format raw -size 10G -vmid XXXX to create a new disk, then I run pvesh create /nodes/$(hostname -s)/qemu ..., but how can I add a 2nd / 3rd / ... disk...
  6. H

    pvesh startet nicht im interactive mode

    Auf unseren produktiv-maschinen funktioniert #pvesh <enter> wie erwartet. Auf meiner Testmaschine passiert Folgendes: root@pve98:~# pvesh ERROR: no command specified USAGE: pvesh <COMMAND> [ARGS] [OPTIONS] pvesh create <api_path> [OPTIONS] [FORMAT_OPTIONS] pvesh delete <api_path>...
  7. grin

    datacenter level command line tools (like list all CTs)

    Is there a way to do datacenter (multinode) level tasks, apart from HA tools, from the command line? Like: list all the containers on all nodes migrate one vm from a node to another ..etc?
  8. R

    Where is the manual page of "pct create" ??

    Hi, A few days the wiki page for the command "pct create" is here : But now, this page is totally empty ! cf "{{#pveman:pct.1.html}}" Problem, hacking, or don't know this problem ?? Thx.
  9. H

    Add extra "disks" to guest KVM via CLI

    Hi there, I'd like to add (via scripts etc.) extra storage to VMs (typically cloned templates). How do I do that? qm doesn't have a add network/disk/etc. I can see. pvesh looks like there are some extra steps involved, so before I re-invent the (GUI) wheel to do that, I'd first ask for...
  10. O

    No system console on local host over VGA, USB, PS/2

    I have a new install of Proxmox VE 4.1 rebooted and running fine. However there is no console login on the screen connected to the server by VGA and no response to the USB keyboard. I can SSH into the box no problem. I want a basic local terminal commandline because I'm customising the...


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