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    Importing a Ceph disk

    Doing this all on the command line to create a VM on a Ceph storage. Hoping this is a simple fix. qm create ... qemu-img create rbd:Ceph/vm-998-disk-0 41G Formatting 'rbd:Ceph/vm-998-disk-0', fmt=raw size=44023414784 When I run the following command, I get this error: # qm disk import 998...
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    Log files

    In looking through the forum posts, I see old posts with my answer but... I need to create a rather complex VM in Proxmox but from the command line. I see comments that say things like "Create the VM using the GUI then look at the logs for a qm create command". What "logs" are never mentioned...
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    Command Line - Create a disk on Ceph storage

    I need to create a new VM (250+ actually) that uses Ceph storage. To create a disk on non-Ceph storage: echo "----- Creating the disk -----" qemu-img create -f qcow2 $DISK $STORAGE_SIZE How do I create a disk on Ceph storage?
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    tldr doesn't work

    Love "tldr" on all my linux machines, so figured I would install it on Proxmox VE, which is just Debian 11 after all. Doesn't seem to work, tldr pages aren't available root@red:~# apt install tldr...
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    [SOLVED] How to access CLI to enter commands from the GUI?

    Hi - I am trying to install / migrate VMs I have on an external disk and need to issue a few commands via the command line in order to migrate them over. I need CLI access to do so. Can I do it through the GUI or I need physical access to the Proxmox host? I cannot find how to access the CLI. Thx
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    Proxmox CMD Line automation

    I would like to automate the process of cloning/creating a VM. Can someone point me to some good reference material on CMDs that can be run. Also, when performing tasks in the GUI is there a place that shows the actual CMD issued?
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    PVE: REST API vs cmdline commands vs web-GUI

    Does the web-gui (6.2-11) produce some sort of "command log" for the (presumed?) commands it runs upon receiving a command from the web-based user? I'm a command-line oriented sysadmin, and I'd eventually like to be able to manage all things without the web gui, or at least using it minimally.
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    Open noVnc from command line. (from nodeJS code)

    Hi, I would like to make a script to connect to the display of all my proxmox VMs within a command line. for now I can easily connect to my VMs using spice with a code like that: const data = await api.nodes.$(this.hostname).qemu.$(realVmid).spiceproxy.$post({proxy: await this.getIP()})...
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    [SOLVED] Blacklisted GPU on headless machine but need command line

    Hey guys I have made a huge problem for myself and I don't know how to fix it.. it's giving me anxiety. Basically .. I blacklisted all the gpu drivers as you do when you try to passthrough the gpus but the problem is that I run Ryzen so I have no onboard graphics. Now usually this isn't a...
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    VM Commands not working over SSH

    Hi Everyone, I'm completely new so this might be a really easy one for you. :-) When running commands such as 'qm list' from within the shell on the web interface, it returns a list of my VM's. But when running the exact same command logged in as root via putty/ssh, i get 'command not found'...
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    Create qcow2 images from the CLI without owner VM, possible?

    Greetings, my goal is to: create a qcow2 or raw image from the command line (I would prefer qcow2 anyway) without linking it to a new or existing VM; create a partition table and a file system in it; mount it, to access data (copy, sync, from a remote source) unmount the image when finished I...
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    Configure a VM to accept Spice clients

    So i just discovered the usefulness of the Spice Display adapter thing. And i want to set it up so That if someone downloads the spice viewer on their pc, they can put in spice://ip.address:_Port I was looking through the spice documentation and it says that i have to append a line to the Qemu...
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    Restart or unlock VPS using command line from a specific Cluster node

    Hello, is it possible to manage via command line vps hosted on differents cluster nodes ? Thanks!
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    [SOLVED] Subscription key update via command line?

    Hi, in which file of proxmox I have to provide a new subscription key when I want to do this via command line?
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    Get current status without table of VM/LXC

    Hello, Unable to retrieve data about the status of the machine, unfortunately no longer. The reason for this is that Proxmox version change. Before: root@prox:~# pvesh get /nodes/prox/lxc/101/status/current running root@prox:~# So I could get data with PHP but with the new version it has...
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    uefi command line creation

    We've been playing around with automating the creation of VM's but hit a problem when it comes to those requiring uefi boot. Whilst its possible to create/assing a uefi boot disk using the GUI, theres no command line support? Is there no way to create/assign a uefi disk from the command line...
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    what happened to vztop and vzps commands in proxmox 4.x ?

    Hi dudes, We have updated our clusters to proxmox 4.4, anyone know what happened to vztop and vzps commands ? We could use them on proxmox 3.x. Already checked in Proxmox Changelog/Roadmap but nothing mentioned in them and google was unhelpful. Have they been replaced with new commands ? Thanks


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