cluster failure

  1. C

    [SOLVED] Unable to rectify previous cluster

    Hi Proxmox community, I have done this before correctly but for some reason now I'm having a problem breaking up a cluster and rejoining afterwards. I have: proxmoxtest proxmoxtest2 proxmoxtest3 I had them all joined correctly and it was working fine. However, I am doing different tests and...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] Node not connecting to cluster

    Hello all, Recently I downsized my 4 node cluster to just 2 nodes. I had some free IP's now and wanted to switch my secondary node (SystemB) from to Whilst my main node (SystemA) lives on I did not read up on correct procedure for changing the IP of...
  3. A

    Cluster decommissioning procedure

    Hi guys. i have recently switched to proxmox after years of working with vmware products... so when it comes specifically to proxmox - i'm a noob. i have a 2 node cluster in my home lab. the "primary" node has been failing a lot and i am going to replace it how should i approach this? to first...
  4. J

    PVE nodes getting disconnected from the cluster

    Dear All, We are using PVE 8 We have 8 node cluster of PVE8 EE . We have been experiencing some of the nodes getting disconnected from the cluster for some time and then they join back , No clue on what is the reason. Posting here the screen shot of the graph ( you see that after some interval...
  5. X

    [SOLVED] PVE nodes were never quorum

    After temporary network issue, the nodes doesn't comeback quorum state. I only use 2 node in this cluster. corosync.conf of each node is same. Ping is OK. MTU is OK too. After "pvecm expected 1" exected, HA page "status" show "old timestamp - dead?, ..." in master, 2 lrms. What is the log file...
  6. M

    Delete unconnected nodes from cluster

    I have 6 boxes in a cluster that are all running proxmox. Since initial configuration, I have reconfigured the physical network connection and subnetted each node in the cluster, so that theyre all together in the same subnet, separate from my main network. Here is my problem; since i changed...
  7. M

    Is it possible to delete a cluster which each node is not connected?

    I have 6 boxes in a cluster that are all running proxmox. Since initial configuration, I have reconfigured the physical network connection and subnetted each node in the cluster, so that theyre all together in the same subnet, separate from my main network. Here is my problem; since i changed...
  8. S

    Broken Cluster

    Good Evening, I've got a partially broken cluster and I'm not sure how to fix short of fresh installs on everything. When jumping through the GUI, the cluster looks healthy and fine. However, if I'm on any node and try to jump into a vm on another node (to see stats/summary, console, change...
  9. V

    3 nodes cluster messed up

    Hi, Here is the story, a three nodes cluster with, three MacMinis with internal disk and each one an external disk. Cluster configured, ceph configured with replication, HA configured. After a few hours of running I discover the local-lvm disk on Node2 and Node3 are offline. A short...
  10. B

    VM Migration in 2-Knoten Cluster nach Ausfall eines Knotens

    Hallo zusammen, wir haben einen 2-Node Cluster mit Proxmox 7.x und identischer Hardware. Storage der VMs befindet sich auf ZFS. Über die in Proxmox integrierte Replikation wird der Storage alle 15 Minuten synchronisiert. Alle VMs waren auf einem Knoten aktiv und wurden auf den zweiten Knoten...
  11. S

    Single node rebooting/sync issue causes entire Datacenter to malfunction

    I have been having a consistent and incredibly frustrating issue where a single node in my datacenter being rebooted causes the entire datacenter to fail and the web GUI to malfunction and become useless. I then need to log into the node(s) over SSH and either restart cluster related services...
  12. S

    How does restarting a deleted node break a cluster

    Hi, According to: It states the following: Important As mentioned above, it is critical to power off the node before removal, and make sure that it will not power on again (in the existing cluster network) with...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] IMPOSSIBLE to join node after cluster is created

    Hello there, I hope to find some kind of solution because this is driving me crazy after ~1 week of different tests. I have two servers at Hetzner with public IP, and also two VLANs. I post the latest one I have, but I tested a lot other combinations (like only interfaces, only bridges ..)...
  14. S

    machine hidden after joining cluster

    Dears , I have a proxmox cluster , i added new node to this cluster , the node supposed have 10 virtual machines , I found all the machine hidden , but I tried to access the one of the virtual machine I found it working properly , I think it's hidden for some reason . kindly help me to...
  15. P

    Soucis avec mes carte LSI MegaRAID SAS 9240_8i

    Bonjour à tous, Je suis nouveau sur Proxmox et j'ai un problème avec mon pve . J'ai 3 pve en cluster et j'en ai deux qui m'ont lâchés C'est la deuxième fois que ça m'arrive. La première fois j'avais fais une réinstallation de mes deux pve Mes 3 pve sont sur 3 serveurs en cluster. Les...
  16. V

    [SOLVED] PVE Services can't be restarted

    My setup is the following 2x Nodes 1x common NFS storage for backups fully updated by the time i'm writing this I tried to live migrate a VM from one server to another but it failed so i stopped in. After that, the GUI stopped responding and i tried to restart the pve proxy. I received this...
  17. B

    Adding Node Takes Down Entire Cluster!?!

    Hoping someone can point me in the right direction... I have a fully functioning 4 node cluster also running ceph. All nodes have four 10g interfaces which all connect to the same 10g switch. This is a new cluster with new (to me) hardware. Everything has been functioning fine for a few weeks...
  18. H

    [SOLVED] one node cannot see other nodes in a cluster

    Hi, I got a problem. I have set up a five node cluster wIth the latest version (7.0-2) on each of the five nodes. The nodes can see each other at first. However, after about one hour, one node cannot see the other four nodes. Meanwhile, the other four nodes show very slow performance and...
  19. I

    Issues after renaming node

    I followed the instructions here and the name changed but all of my container/VM configs were not there. After checking into /etc/pve/nodes the old node was there along with the new. I moved my configs into the new nodes folder, verified they were...
  20. hoffmn01

    [SOLVED] ceph mon not starting - unable to read magic

    Hello Forum, since a crash of the root disk of the virtualization host of one cluster here, we experience issues with the ceph mon service on that node: We are running the following versions: Do you have any idea how to bring back the "magic" ? ;-) Thank you and best regards, Nico


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