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    Host failure caused reboot on other host in 2 node cluster

    Hello, We deployed a cluster consists 2 hosts. Yesterday one of them suddenly rebooted itself (might be caused by a hardware malfunction or power outage), after that the other one. We conducted few tests after incident occurred, observed that when the first node was rebooted, the second node...
  2. A

    Cluster fällt aus - vom Switch abhängig

    Nabend, ich habe meine Hausinstallation als 3-Node Cluster umgebaut und treffe Probleme, die ich nicht erwartet habe: mit dem großen managed Switch (HPE 1820) kriege ich den Cluster nicht am Laufen, mit einem billigen unmanaged 0815-Switch geht es... fast! Die Umgebung: - 3 Nodes mit jeweils 1...
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    Cluster failed

    I have 6 nodes in my Proxmox cluster connected over OpenVPN through pfSense. The nodes are located in different locations except Node1 and Node2. Nowadays few nodes come and go offline. Sometimes I have to restart the OpenVPN server to make the nodes back online on the cluster. Im using Proxmox...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] pve-cluster failed quorum and change ring-id after corsync config modification.

    Hello we had a very serious problem with the Proxmox cluster on OVH, our vRack stopped working. We tried to solve the situation by hot adding a new corosync configuration with a redundancy link in it. The configuration worked and corosync saw all members, we then restarted the proxmox cluster...
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    We currently have two datacenters connected to each other through an IPSec Tunnel. We run Proxmox on our servers and we intend to connect them to a cluster. Every time we try joining them into a cluster, we get these errors in the image attached.
  6. C

    [SOLVED] IMPOSSIBLE to join node after cluster is created

    Hello there, I hope to find some kind of solution because this is driving me crazy after ~1 week of different tests. I have two servers at Hetzner with public IP, and also two VLANs. I post the latest one I have, but I tested a lot other combinations (like only interfaces, only bridges ..)...
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    Can't login to GUI after join cluster

    Hi! I have a problem i have two servers proxmox1 and proxmox2. then I created a cluster, proxmox1 as the main server. after the cluster join successful. I can't login GUI proxmox1 and proxmox2. iam using proxmox 7.2 on both server. thank you before..
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    cluster error can't access to webgui

    and try to remove node from cluster and try add to cluster again how to fix this issue cluster
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox startet nur noch im emergency mode | Cannot initialize CMAP service

    Hallo liebes Forum, ich muss mal wieder eure Hilfe in Anspruch nehmen. Ich habe ein Proxmox-Cluster aus derzeit 2 PVE´s. Aktuell habe ich keine Ahnung, wo der Fehler liegt. :confused: Ich habe smnp installiert, sonst gab es keine Veränderungen und mein PVE lief seit Monaten ohne Probleme. Nach...
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    [SOLVED] Join Cluster Failed: "* this host already contains virtual guests"

    I'm trying to join a new PVE node to an existing cluster. All the machines are on PVE 7.1-8. When I attempted to join the existing cluster from the GUI's "Assisted join", I get the following error. () detected the following error(s): * this host already contains virtual guests TASK ERROR...
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    web login failed, when still one node

    Hello all. Maybe someone can help me. I have two nodes cluster. And when i losing link with one of them, i cant login via web by root user. Web interface returned error - "login failed. Please try again". SSH - work fine, and old session keep work, until logout. what i have: 2 nodes Proxmox...
  12. W

    The cluster is not working properly, 'qm' hangs

    It turned out that the cluster was fine, but when it was shut down and restarted, it broke. When the corosync process was started, the QM command was stuck. I have confirmed that the time synchronization server is working properly. I found these articles, but they don't seem to...
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    HOW to assign NAS located vms from one node (that crashed) to another node?

    Hi, I have a cluster of 5 nodes. The 5th one is not working (because it was upgraded and now don't play nice with the rest). Untill I fix the 5th node: I want to access my vm which are located on a FreeNAS using any of the other 4 nodes in the cluster? That should be simple, right? Thanks...
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    Weird issue: Proxmox whole cluster failed at arount 2pm. Putty working but none of the 5 webpage worked

    Hi, At around 2pm, all proxmox web page started giving "timeout". I was able to go in with putty but not the web interface. I did a service pveproxy restart on each blades and the web page are accessible but now it does not accept any of our passwords. maybe not related but I also have this...
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    Proxmox VE 6 - Cluster nodes suddenly went offline

    I am still new to Proxmox, hope you can help me… A couple of days ago I created a cluster with two nodes, both run PVE 6.0-4. The first node has a VM and a CT just for testing purposes, the second node is "empty". The cluster was created on node1, and node2 joined successfully. Until today...
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    Creating a Cluster issues

    Hello greetings I am bringing some of my servers home out of the data center and figured I would want to create a cluster here on the home network.. Here is what I have done. The main server which I will label home is and the second server will be labeled home2 its located on...
  17. V

    node kicked out of cluster after changing nic

    Hi, running 4 node cluster with multiple networks cards.(pve 5.0) ceph and corosync working via broadecom vdx 6740 switch in switchport mode, Internet Gateway and VM bridge is on normal 1gb procurve switch. no Vlan, no trunking, just switching. I´m 1600km away from the datacenter, and one nic...


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