1. B

    [SOLVED] Network configuration on a Cisco UCS Blade

    Hello everyone, We would like to use Proxmox on a Cisco UCS B200 M-Series Blade. We've already installed the latest Proxmox version on the Host. From the network side on the switch we've configured two LACPs which has 4 ports each. With the VLANs 9 for management and 201, 4092 for data. This...
  2. F

    Cisco switch & Bonding on Proxmox

    Hello! I have a Cisco WS-C4948E and a Proxmox server. I configured LACP on cisco using the following commands: ``` interface Port-channel 2 switchport switchport mode access switchport access vlan 1000 service-policy input RATE-LIMIT service-policy output RATE-LIMIT ! interface range...
  3. C

    [SOLVED] How to promptly kill a VM that will never be able to shutdown?

    Hi all, So I'm running a Cisco virtual appliance in a proxmox VM - and these things are not designed to shut down at all. There's no command to tell it to shutdown, nor is there any way to install an agent or have it use acpi etc. As such, telling a node to reboot will always hang on this VM...
  4. B

    Need some help figuring out a VLAN Trunk over VMs

    Hey everyone, still getting some things figured out. So i've been working trying to get some networking up and running. I've tried a few solutions i've seen online but havent gained much traction personally, so i figured i'd reach out. This is my interface setup at the moment auto lo iface lo...
  5. B

    PfSense VLANs through Cisco Switch to Proxmox

    Hi, so my previous setup was having a physical pfSense machine as a router and firewall for my home network ( and a virtual pfSense instance in Proxmox for all my lab machines ( When adding a new network, I simply created a new vmbridge and added it to the pfSense...
  6. I

    [SOLVED] Cisco ISE unsupported hardware detected

    Hi, I am trying to install the cisco ise 2.7 version on proxmox and gives me this error. Have anyone faced this problem? Regards,
  7. A


    Greetings friends, im here for some help with my ProxmoxVe installation. I had my server DL360E G8, and this had a 4 NIC (1gb each) and i installed another PCI with 2x1GB. Im trying to get more bandwith with LACP. so my configuration is here I already installed iperf to check bandwith...
  8. R

    ProxMox to Cisco Switch and Cisco FirePower 1010 Firewall Duplicate IP Address

    Hello all, I'm having an issue with ProxMox and Cisco gear. The ProxMox server has a four-port ethernet NIC in an Open vSwitch LACP bond (I previously tried the built-in Linux interface config as well) to a Cisco 3560 Switch which then uplinks to a Cisco FirePower 1010 firewall. I have 5 VMs...
  9. J

    How to pass a Cisco SPAN port/session to a Proxmox VM?

    I want to run suricata on a Proxmox VM (not a container). The Network admin setup a SPAN session on the switch which the Proxmox hypervisor is jacked into on eth1. I can run tcpdump on Proxmox and see all the subnet traffic going across eth1 (TCP,UDP,ICMP,etc). So far, so good. I then created a...
  10. F

    Suspended: LACP currently not enabled on the remote port.

    Hi Everyone. I am trying to get the bonding work with my Cisco WS-C3850-24T switch but I keep getting "Suspended: LACP currently not enabled on the remote port" when I check my logs on the switch, here's my configuration on switch side. interface Port-channel22 description Access PROXMOX-SRV...
  11. E

    Proxmox Single NIC VLAN Tagging

    Hi, Sorry if this was already answered from other posts but I can't seem to find any. I have a HP Z420 Desktop installed with Proxmox 4.4-1. It's NIC can support VLAN tagging, however I don't have any idea on how can I tag the host with a specific VLAN ID so that I can still manage to open its...
  12. C

    Cisco UCS Diskless Boot

    Hi - a colleague is installing PROXMOX for me on a cisco blade (in a UCS) with a FC lun as its boot disk and we're running into issues. This is familiar as ESXi had the similar issues on UCS, we needed to load an FNIC storage driver to get it to boot, but I'm not 100% that this is the same...
  13. A

    Loosing IPv6 connectivity after some time

    Does anybody else have this Problem? Our virtual machines loose their IPv6-connectivity after a period time. To be precise: They loose internet connectivity. They are still able to access neighbors within their broadcast domain. After a direct PING to the public IPv6 address of the Cisco...
  14. R

    guest cisco OS VLAN TAGGING removed by bridge

    Hi, I'm installing a cisco virtualized router on proxmox. As network setting, i set up a bridge interface. But, when i made do1q encapsulation in my cisco virtualized router (so in the guest os), i noticed that at the output bridge interface, the tag has been removed. I spent several hours on...


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