1. J

    CentOS VM won't boot after migration from VMware

    Greetings! New Proxmox user here. Newly installed VMs are working fine and Debian VMs migrated from VMware ESXi 8.x are working well, but, I've having trouble migrating a couple of older CentOS VMs. The VMs were exported from the ESXi web client export option that creates OVF output. I've...
  2. P

    How to convert ESX centos 7 / 8 vms to Proxmox

    I went through a lot of frustration trying to figure this out and while there might be a better way than mine, I thought I should share my method in case it can help someone else. All of the articles and documentation I came across were slightly different and it took a while to come to this...
  3. C

    Why is proxmox based on debian?

    i'm not familar with debian linux and apt ... Is there any plan to build isos with centos ?
  4. D

    CentOS LXC Containers require a reboot

    I am currently running Proxmox 7.0-11 and it would appear any LXC template related to the RHEL family requires a container reboot to work. This error appears to impact Fedora 34, CentOS 8, CentOS Stream (custom), and even Rocky. I have been able to replicate this issue on all three of my hosts...
  5. powersupport

    Backup is not running for Centos standalone server

    Hi, We have already initiated the backups yesterday and seems like it is not working. As I can see the task scheduled for the backup still running, it is running for days Also, when opening the backup content showing an error message as shown in the screenshot We ran the below command in...
  6. powersupport

    May I know if the new version of the PBS (Proxmox Backup Server 1.1) support centOS backup?

    Hi We have a PBS server with us, a newer version, may I check if the PBS newer version supports centos backup? Thank you
  7. N

    How to assign static public ip to my VPS.

    Hi friends! Can someone guide me how to setup public static IP with my VPS? I have flowing scenario right now. I have Proxmox installed on my server I have created a Virtual Machine on this server and installed Centos 7 OS and web host control panel so that i can use this as a web server. I...
  8. C

    How do I properly prepare a Cloud-Init image for CentOS 7?

    Hello everyone, I'm struggling to properly prepare a CentOS 7 Cloud-Init image, there doesn't seem to be an already prepared image like on Ubuntu and many tutorial are extremely different from each other and I just can't find a way to do this... I've searched for so many tutorials, yet none of...
  9. C

    How do I prepare a proper cloud-init image for CentOS 7?

    Hello, I want to prepare a cloud-init image, which is able to resize (grow) the HDD space and partitions. While it can grow the actual HDD space, it is not able to grow the partition.. I'm not sure, what I'm doing wrong... Is there a good tutorial about preparing a CentOS Cloud-Init image?
  10. Z

    container incorrect login (no login)

    Hello, I create container but still get incorrect login each time by using username as root with different passwords but still the same. #cat lxc-monitord.log lxc-monitord 20191002161236.771 INFO monitor - monitor.c:lxc_monitor_sock_name:212 - Using monitor socket name...
  11. N

    Second (and not only) IP on Centos 7 VM (KVM) machine

    I attempt to assign secondary IP address on a CentOS 7 KVM VM. My node is on OVH. I already added an IP (virtual mac etc) on the CentOS 7 VM and it's working fine. I attempted to replicate the same procedure, assign an extra IP but I can't ping it from the outside. Is there a limitation? I mean...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Unable to Boot Guest from CentOS 7 .iso

    I am running Proxmox 5.4-5. I have created a VM and mounted its DVD to a CentOS-7-x86_64-Minimal-1810.iso image with the intention of install CentOS. When I power the VM, I see no signs of booting occurring in the Console. qm status yields simply "status: running". The VM's hardware is as...
  13. B

    All CentOS 6 CTs terminals/ssh is broken after update

    Hi , I havent upgraded proxmox for ages, and did this last week with update to 5.3-12 and latest kernels . After restart CTs with UBUNTU are functioning fine , however CTs with Centos 6 have these issues : 1. SSH is unavailiable : PuTTy says : login as: root root@MyCT's password: Server...
  14. N

    How to port forward from Guest to Host, specially for port 443

    Hello there, I have problem to port forwarding port 443/https through from VM to Host, i do forwarding setup in /etc/network/interface, there no problems in port 80, i can access the public host ip, but when i try to connect through port 443 is unable to connect, i check the connection by ...
  15. E

    [SOLVED] Failed to start CentOS LXC

    I get this latest error: /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2: bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory I wanted to restart the server and turned it off. I can't open it back now. And I deleted the backup this morning (unlucky.. did hdd cleaning) How do I open this container on Proxmox? Proxmox...
  16. R

    Set additional options to cloud-init generated interface configuration files.

    Hi. On a Centos 7 based cloud-init image I am setting IP address and Gateway of the interface using GUI and it generates network interface configuration file like this: # /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 # Created by cloud-init on instance boot automatically, do not edit. #...
  17. T

    [SOLVED] CentOS 7 container IPv6 DHCPv6 and default gateway

    Hello, On my network, I have a dhcpv6 server and router advertisement configured as Managed (dhcpv6 gives the address, radvd gives routes/prefixes/gateways). Proxmox settings are below: Proxmox generated network config: # cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 DEVICE=eth0 ONBOOT=yes...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] ceph lxc vzdump backups fail

    Hi, I'm trying to run vzdump snapshot backups of my centos 7 lxc containers to a local ZFS raid 1 storage. The LXC containers run on CEPH bluestore. BTW: I've also tried this to a shared NFS storage and a local LVM storage. The backup of some containers hangs until I manually stop it. I think...
  19. B

    Cloud-init and Centos 7

    Hi I'm completely confused with the proxmox support for Cloud-init so hoping someone can help. I've not done very much cloud-init work but I did test it out a few months ago on some VM's in Parallels on my Mac. For that I pretty much had to create a meta-data file, a user-data file and then...
  20. K

    [SOLVED] Resize disk of cloud-init clones

    Greetings. I am trying to figure out a way to resize disks of cloud-init created clones. At the moment created VMs have just as much storage as the image. Note: I want to provision Centos 7 only VMs. If anyone can provide a different solution to provision centos VMs with custom disk space you...


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