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  1. F

    [GUIDE] Proper networking for a CentOS 7 VM created via cloud-init image in Proxmox 7 & 8 with routed networking at Hetzner

    After banging my head for about a day as to why a CentOS 7 VM created via the latest official cloud-init image just wouldn't have networking at all, on both a Proxmox 7 & a Proxmox 8 server with routed networking at Hetzner, here's a short guide that might benefit others... As always, your...
  2. B

    centos 7 guest with QEMU agent freezing

    I enabled the guest agent recently on a centos guest and now it's freezing everyday - seems to freeze during the backup PBS. We have to reset the server everyday. We summitted a ticket to cPanel and a tech there alerted us to this: https://gitlab.com/qemu-project/qemu/-/issues/520 I guess for...
  3. A

    Poor disk performance on Linux VM

    Hi, After reading many threads, I decided to open one to try to solve a performance problem that only affects Linux VMs. I have a Proxmox VE 6.5-5 installed on Dell R720 with 2 Xeon E5-2660 v2 2.20GHz, 128 GB RAM and RAID controller PERC H710 Mini (integrated). RAID1 volume for the system and...
  4. F

    [SOLVED] VM connection in cluster

    Hello, i have an issue with my cluster. Actually I have 3 nodes in my cluster and 1 vm on each node. When i'm not in the cluster, i have connection with my vm but when i join the cluster, the connection is gone and I don't know why. Here is the /etc/network/interface on my node : and there...
  5. I

    random proxmox crash after upgrade to proxmox 7

    i upgraded entire cluster from proxmox 6.4 -> 7 with Ceph Nautilus->Octopus->Pacific the problem: we few centos 7 lxc that we cannot upgrade to 8. i used the workaround from one of the (post in this forum) and added systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=0 to the grub. i applied it to two hosts in...
  6. V

    [SOLVED] PVE 7 won't start CentOS 7 container

    I know there was a warning but I thought lxc will start and I read here that one can start lxc, chroot inside and update dist but I can't - lxc starts with warning and ram consumption shows near 1mb with no life signs no console and I can't pct enter it... Is there any chances to get it working...
  7. R

    Internet in the vm are not working properly

    Hello Everyone, I am a newbie in proxmox and i dont have much idea on it so I hope I will get the solution for my problem here. SO I have a proxmox machine and with a public ip in vmbr0 (eth0 bridged) i dont know why this is bridged but it works fine. I have created another bridge interface...
  8. T

    Recover VM from erased drives

    Hi, this is just a dive into the deep but we are looking for a way to recover the data that was on a KVM VM that was on erased drives with HP Drive Reset and running another OS on that node. We are currently running CentOS 7 on that node that was used for Proxmox. I do remember the ID of the VM...
  9. powersupport

    Found a new Centos 7 Client for PBS

    I found a new Centos 7 client for PBS, Please have a look PBS Centos 7 Client Also let us know in here if this works for you (For both Centos 7 & 8)
  10. I

    VM Centos 7 destination host unreachable

    hi everyone, please correct me for my config. i cant ping and message like this : it's config proxmox /etc/network/interaces : it's config VM (Centos 7) /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 : what should i do? for fixing this config network ?
  11. T

    CentOS 7 Cloud-init Inserting Unexpected DNS Server

    Below is the cloud-init network configuration for the VM: But when the VM boots, there is an additional DNS server being inserted by cloud-init: The DNS server `` is being added but is not apart of the configuration and is not functional: Here are the steps I used to create...
  12. C

    How do I prepare a proper cloud-init image for CentOS 7?

    Hello, I want to prepare a cloud-init image, which is able to resize (grow) the HDD space and partitions. While it can grow the actual HDD space, it is not able to grow the partition.. I'm not sure, what I'm doing wrong... Is there a good tutorial about preparing a CentOS Cloud-Init image?
  13. T

    VirtIO NIC checksum fail & poor speed

    Hey all, I have a 3 node cluster (6.0.4) each with dual 10Gb Intel NICs. On both Windows and CentOS 7.x VM's I have VirtIO 10Gb networking installed. I have zero issues with Windows. On CentOS I find that any files that are moved to/from a network share fail checksum. There also seems to be...
  14. G

    Kickstart files and MAC-addresses

    Stumbled across something interesting last week that took me a while to understand. I have a number of VMs that use PXE-boot to install Centos7. I serve custom kickstart files from a local tftp server. Part of the kickstart file has an %include section that points to a local http server by a...
  15. F

    [SOLVED] Packet Loss from Outside Proxmox Host

    Hello! I have this proxmox server wich have N containers. When i ping containerX from my notebook (or anywhere else in network) i have 95% of packet loss. When i ping containerX from Proxmox i have 0% packet loss. When i ping containerX from containerY hosted in same proxmox server i have 0%...
  16. robm

    sar output shows 100% user cpu

    We have an unprivileged LXC centOS 7 container set up on the latest Proxmox. After installing sysstat, sar output shows user cpu at 100%, with cpu being 0% idle, even though there is little to no load on the container or the node. Anyone ever run into this before? Any workaround to get accurate...
  17. E

    [SOLVED] Centos 7 would not shutdown under Proxmox 6.1

    Hello! I've just upgraded to proxmox 6.1 and installed the latest Centos 7 template (centos-7-default_20190926_amd64.tar.xz). When I enter the LXC and try to shut the Centos 7 down, it just won't. ps aux shows: USER PID %CPU %MEM VSZ RSS TTY STAT START TIME COMMAND root...
  18. R

    Mounting CEPHFS on a client

    I would like to mount CEPHFS on a Client. Since CEPHFS version is Nautilus, I decided to use, as client, a container running CentOS 7. It might have well been an external physical machine, just happened I wanted to try with a container. Yes, CEPHFS is already installed on ProxMox and working...


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