1. J

    Clearing DNS cache in Debian 11/12 LXC

    Hey everyone! So I have a number of LXC in my Proxmox cluster, some of them Debian 11 and some others Debian 12 (templates provided by Proxmox), and I am trying to find a way to clear the local DNS cache as I need to force querying again the internal DNS server despite the TTL of the record. I...
  2. A

    7950X3D reports incorrect cache sizes in VM

    I just set up a fresh install of Proxmox VE on a 7950X3D and intend to use the 3D V-cache half of it for a gaming/workstation VM with the other CCD running various selfhosted services in LXCs. I gave the VM 16 vCPUs with the host type and set their affinity to "0-7,16-23", then prevented the...
  3. L

    Proxmox memory bar separated by type

    Hello! Is there any way to make memory bars colored by type of data that's stored in it? I mean, currently it shows you almost 100% of RAM if you use half of RAM by VM's and other half is ZFS cache. My point is to separate bar into multiple colors to make it clear what is cached and what's not...
  4. E

    Proxmox randomly freezes or reboot

    Hi good day. We have a Proxmox system installed on a B560M DS3H V2 motherboard (Core i9-11900 11th gen, 64GB RAM). It have been working with no mistakes about a year, but since some months ago it started to randomly shutdown (sometimes it suddenly shutdown). We have clean reinstalled proxmox in...
  5. D

    Using a hardware RAID with BBU

    Dear Community, I want to set up a new PVE environment and I´m not sure about the correct caching configuration. I´m using the Adaptec ASR-71605 hardware RAID controller (RAID 1 and 2x SSD) with an integrated BBU and 1 GB of Cache. What is the best configuration in my case? If I understand...
  6. V

    how I can clean the CACHE???

    Good afternoon! Please tell me how I can clean the CACHE on one of the gateways of the Proxmox Mail gateway v 7. Very urgently needed!!!
  7. R

    Does L2arc make sense for vm disks?

    I've set up a zfs pool on my Proxmox VE home-server. sdc and sdd are 2x 4TB SATA HDD sda is a 480G SATA SSD NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM pool ONLINE 0 0 0 sdc ONLINE 0 0 0 sdd ONLINE 0 0...
  8. I

    server upgrade recommendation

    Hello, This is our installation: - 3 Supermicro servers ( - Each server has two 4TB Western Digital Red HDD disks. - We use Ceph for which we have a 10G fiber optic network with a cisco switch. We are new with proxmox/ceph...
  9. J

    zfs pools with ssd caching

    Hello, I have a server with 5 sata disks, one SSD (128GB) and four HDD (2x2TB and 2x4TB). I've installed proxmox 7.1 in the SSD. I want to create two zfs pools (mirrored) one with two hard disks of 2TB and another with two disks of 4TB. In the installation SSD disk I've created two partitions...
  10. M

    NFS behaviors

    Hi there all, I've tried to research on that subject although came empty net. How would VMs that are running on NFS storage behaves in case of "momentary" storage loss? I'm trying to figure indeed if Proxmox would buffer IOPS for some times before dead'ing paths. I bet the safest would be to...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Completely new to Proxmox: Getting setup

    So I recently bought a dell power edge r720 server with 6, 4tb hard drives, 2 500 gb ssds, a hba raid card, 192 gb of ram and I added two pci e name 500gb nvme drives. I set up the 6 4tb drives in raid 10 and installed Proxmox on them and now want to set up the two ssd's as caching, but also set...
  12. DerDanilo

    ZFS - Allow creating special, log and cache device via UI/PVE storage API

    It would be great if the storage api/module allows to create special, log and cache devices for ZFS pools. It is all fine doing that by hand but since HDDs will be with us for quiet a while it would be useful to have that available to avoid human error. Also the storage API should allow to...
  13. C

    Disk cache settings for VMs on BTRFS

    I'm a little confused with the documentation. The BTRFS page says BTRFS will honor the O_DIRECT flag when opening files, meaning VMs should not use cache mode none, otherwise there will be checksum errors. which I understand to mean set the disk cache to anything other than none. However on...
  14. C

    Controller RAID p420i: cache or no cache ?

    Hi, I have a HP Proliant DL360P G8 which commercial features are: But according this screen, it seems that there is no cache: How would you interpret this ? :) Best regards, Christophe.
  15. F

    Anormal ram usage

    Hello, I just installed my Proxmox server. I have a strange phenomenon. The installation is brand new, I have no VMs started and I have constant ram usage at 18Go. Would this be normal behavior with ZFS using available ram to cache? If so, is it quite disturbing because we do not know how to...
  16. I

    Can i used part sizefrom hard disk for cache or must use full size?

    Hi all, I have proxmox VE server and i want to add cache and i want to use 100Gb from 1000Gb ssd hard disk on ZFS, can i make it ??
  17. W

    Some advice for LVM cache

    I am always continuing my tests and still need some advice. My configuration is as follows: 1 128GB SDD (for Boot) 4 x 1TB HDD (for RAIDZ2) 1 x 500GB HDD (for internal backup) 1 port SATA free for a second 128GB SDD or a second 500GB HDD The memory is 16GB and the users who will use it are 3...
  18. P

    Size on special device for metadata cache

    Hi, I will set up a Proxmox backup server to backup our Proxmox clusters. There are total 9 nodes (6 in one and 3 nodes in one). There are approximately 40 VM and they are using 10TB disk space. I will set up maybe 6 SAS 18TB spinning disks for this and now my question: How big should the...
  19. S

    ZFS RAM usage more than 90% of the system

    Hello, We've upgraded our PVE cluster of ndoes from 5.4 to 6.2 few weeks ago, we also upgraded our ZFS pool to the version 0.8.4. We also added an iSCSI storage (FreeNAS) which hosts now most of the storage. I'm now seeing that the ZFS cache is like eating a little bit too much of RAM (this is...
  20. S

    VM laufen voll im RAM

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe das Problem das meine KVM VMs im RAM voll laufen. Ich allokiere z.B. 4GB RAM und setze 2GB RAM als Ballooning ein. Nach kurzer Zeit sagen wir mal X Stunden ist der RAM bei 3,6GB (laut Proxmox) gefüllt. Auf der Console kann ich gut erkennen das vom wirklichen RAM nur...


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