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    OVS IntPort equivalent for Linux bridge? (SDN bridges refers)

    I have needs to have multiple IPs/networks on the hypervisors, typically on different VLANs (like backups, corosyncing, ceph,etc. etc.) Having used OVS before, it is/was a charm to do similar, as you just add an OVSIntPort with the VLAN and IPs, and you are done. As the SDN is using Linux...
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    How to configure OpenWRT as virtual switch to route trafic of my VM?

    I want to use OpenWRT as a virtual router to route the trafic of my VM (I'm not sure how to make it work with vlan). I've tried everything based on my knodledge of networking but I can't figure out what's wrong with my settings. 1. I set up two Linux Bridge vmbr0 and vmbr1, and vmbr0 is the...
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    Netzwork / Wireless Internet / DHCP don't work

    Hello, i got problems with DHCP, i can't get it running for my vm's everytime i need too set it up manuel ip's and some images that im using for vm can't not easy be setup manuel... I have read a thread of a staff, he said that Monitoring Mode is needed for Wifi Brige, i got that but everytime...
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    Netzwerkarchitektur mit dedizierter NIC

    Hallo Forum Ich bin gerade dabei mein erstes PVE zu erstellen. Dafür habe ich einen Server mit dedizierter dual Port NIC. Geplant ist die Verwendung von OPNSense, TrueNAS und einem Debian Server. Physikalisch will ich einen Port der NIC mit dem Modem verbinden und den anderen mit meinem Switch...
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    Changed vrmbr0 (network bridge) and now I cannot access my server

    Hi All, I am really really dumb and I hope that I did not just completly screw my server. I just installed a realtek NIC card so that I could pass it through and set up a pfsense VM. The only issue is that when I booted my machine after install the main connection to my server was using one...
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    Linux bridge no access to VM/LXC

    I have been trying to debug a weird issue with with a secondary NIC+bridge. I use a Mellanox ConnectX-3 10Gbit interface card for the secondary NIC. I am trying to set up two vmbrX pointing to two different NICs where both are on different subnet, the VLAN is handled at switch to make debugging...
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    [SOLVED] Bridge with no internet connectivity

    Hopefully the brains trust can help, I'm sure there is an obvious solution here but I cant seem to find it. Fresh install of Proxmox 8.0.4 Hardware is an Intel NUC with 2 NICs VM is a fresh install of Rocky Linux 9.2 I have a Unifi setup and have created 2 individual networks one of which my...
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    Container's have no internet connection

    Hey there, so i recently setup proxmox on my newly aquired dedicated server and im facing a small issue where the created container can't ping ANYTHING except itself (which is obvious) // Node Network Settings // Container...
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    NEW NIC not ACTIVE but detected.

    So, here is the thing. I have a dual SFP+ NIC that works well. I also wanted to place a 2.5Gbe Quad card into my proxmox machine. I am simply trying to do a Linux bridge within proxmox. The card is seen but won't become active. I tried a dual 10Gbe card and it was seen and would become active...
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    Network Bridge Speed getting lower after PVE6to7

    Hello, I have a PVE just update to proxmox 7.3, and I found that the performance of the network bridge decreased significantly after that. I thought it was a hardware problem at first, but no. I used bridge to build an intranet and use iperf3 to test the speed of this intranet, and I only got 4...
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    External IP not detected when using bridge network

    Hello All, Im in the process of moving my current setup to a new server. New server is an HP DL360P G8. some issues ive found is when trying to add the pci device to a vm, which kills the NIC (with 4 ports) completely. As a workaround, i can use the bridge network to get them working, so...
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    How can I use my secondary NIC and wire it to vmbr0 to expand my LAN?

    My room has only one RJ45 port in the wall which is taken up by the Proxmox server and I don't intend to add a switch to connect the other device to the LAN through network cable. The Proxmox server has a 10G NIC which connects to the router and runs behind the default network bridge vmbr0...
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    Help with multiple bridges and VMs

    Just came over from UnRaid and I am having issues with my bridges. I have two VLANs off of my swtich. One is a LAN and one is a DMZ. The LAN is connected to eno3 (bridge is vmbr0) and the DMZ (bridge is vmbr1) is connected to eno4. I want the Proxmox server to be on the LAN and it's using...
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    Network/Bridge Help.

    im trying to setup a network bridge between my 10gbit cards so my computer has a network card with 2 10gbit ports that i want to set up as a bridge in windows to effectively get "20gbit" between proxmox and my pc. proxmox server is behind my computer. so i have 2 10gbit in main pc going to...
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    crossover cables between 3 nodes

    I have 3 nodes in a cluster, each with a pub IP on NIC adapter 1. The servers have 4 port NICs. I want to establish a private network between them using crossover cables. They will be colocated in a DC and I dont want to have any of the priv IP traffic going thru the DC network...
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    Proxmox is Making my router crash

    Hi everyone, I did the upgrade from 6.4 to 7 yesterday, and now I'm experciencing some very weird issues, particularely when the network is used a lot. When the problem happen, sometimes my router gets completely crazy, no device can reach each other anymore over LAN. The machines cannot access...
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    [SOLVED] Not Working Bridge on Proxmox as VM

    I am struggling for a few days trying to create three new working network bridges on Proxmox VE 5.3-6. I tried to reproduce the similar networking setting I made in the past. So far, I can't get any IP address to be assigned by my external DHCP server (or router) for any ethernet adapter on any...
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    How to create working Bridge Hetzner server

    Hi Guys, Im new to proxmox and wanna try it out, but i cant get it to work. It is installad and running on my hetzner server, i have 2 additional IPs with sep mac addresses. I have read hetzners own guide and tryed it without any success. I want to run 1 windows machine and 1 linux machine on...
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    Unclear how to network bridge

    Issue: I cannot ping between the 2 machines, since adding a Proxmox Linux Bridge via GUI. Attempt to resolve: I followed the Proxmox Network Configuration guide > Routed Configuration. Setup: My network topology: Internet > mobile > SIM > Wi-Fi hotspot on > Wi-Fi NIC > machine0 > machine0's...
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