bind mounts

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    Bind mount an exFAT USB Hard Drive to an unprivileged LXC Arch Linux container

    Hi, I'm trying to bind mount an exFAT 5 To Western Digital Essentials Drive which i previously use for my Mac and Windows PC so I have a lot of data on it. I just noticed that the new Western Digital HDDs are soldered to the USB port. What a hell ! Because i don't have a lot of money for the...
  2. P

    Best way to access files on host

    Hi, There's something I think I'm doing wrong. I have Proxmox on a host with a ZFS pool inside. How do I best access the files on the ZFS volumes from containers? I have read suggestions to serve the files over NFS directly from the host. This seems like a round-about way (ZFS > host > NFS >...
  3. D

    Shared storage between CTs without bind mounts to have VE Snapshots?

    I've been reading through the wiki and the various posts, but I am beginning to have the distinct understanding that having sharing files/folders between CTs in unprivileged containers without bind mounts is not something that is available? I am currently running two ZFS pools and I have a...
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    Bind mount, samba and containers: any risks involved?

    Hi! TL;DR; Are there any risks involved in using bind mounted folders in containers and sharing these same folders through samba? Long Version: After using a bare metal Ubuntu for more than 6 years, I decided to use Proxmox and containers and I'm loving it. But, I realized recently that Plex...
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    [SOLVED] PVE5 cannot add bind mount point to LXC

    So here I am banging my head against the keyboard once again trying to get an NFS mount point into a container. previous post where I learned how to do it When I had PVE4.4 running I was able to successfully setup a bind mount point, but for some reason now with PVE5 running (fresh build) every...
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    Unprivileged Bind Mounts and multiple access

    Say I have 5 containers each running an application. For each I have bind mounted a directory: /mnt/container_data/container1 /mnt/container_data/container2 etc Where the application will contain all its application data. I now create a further container running a backup application. To that...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Bind mount to reflect Samba mount owner/permissions?

    I have a few containers running on Proxmox and have a challenge with a Bind mount vs a Samba share. Container 101 has a directory shared via Samba (it's effectively my NAS). Anything written to it via Samba adopts file ownership & permissions determined by the samba process / config. That same...


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