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    RAM Ballooning wann sinnvoll ?

    Hallo zusammen, Ich habe ein Proxmox Server, da migriere ich jetzt einige Maschinen von einem anderen Virtualisierer rüber. Im Moment habe ich noch genügend RAM (256GB(. Wenn ich jetzt theoretisch 30 Windows Server VMS habe, und ich bei allen ein Ballooning von min. 4GB und max. 8GB aktiviere...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Proxmox reporting wrong ram usage

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my ram usage on Windows server 2019, proxmox reporting the ram usage always over %85 percent and it doesnt report the right value, the vm using less then 2 gb. I have installed all the drivers. Balloning is enabled, Qemu is enabled, I have also tried to...
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    Good morning, on a node of our cluster with 1TB of RAM occupied at 60% we have a problem with ballooning. Specifically, on a windows server 2019 VM with 128GB of RAM: On the node with Proxmox VE 6.4-13 with Community subscription we see this: $ free total used...
  4. N

    Automatic Memory Ballooning on Windows-Based VMs with QEMU Emulator

    I'm having trouble emulating a Windows VM with memory ballooning on QEMU. My investigation has led to two questions. Just to describe my test setup: I installed virtio ballooning driver and the ballooning service on a windows family OS and then spawned a QEMU process with 8GB RAM with the...
  5. C

    clarification needed about ballooning Wiki page

    The "Dynamic Memory Management" Wiki page states, about ballooning : Does that mean : (a) that the unused memory is given back to the host to be used as it wishes, even for non-Proxmox/KVM related tasks OR (b) that the unused memory is given back to the host, but only to be used by other VMs
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    LVM-Thin Ballooning not working - High memory Usage

    Hello, I have some problems with my PVE host and mostly with the RAM management. I attach the screen of my host resources: On this host, I installed one(and only one) VM, that it configured as shown in the following image: The Ballooning is corretly enabled, but I don’t understand why the...
  7. P

    Proxmox showing incorrect usage for Ubuntu VM

    I came across this thread: which is the exact same issue I have, however the guy didn't end up replying back. I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.3 with PVE 6.4-4, Ballooning device is enabled in the Memory Settings: Doing info...
  8. E

    Windows server 2016 memory usage display

    Hello! I have a windows server 2016 vm in proxmox, with 16gb of memory, installed the ballooning service which is running, but the used memory displayed by proxmox is very high (about 12gb), but in the task manager the used memory is only 3gb. Nothing happens if I stop or restart the ballooning...
  9. J

    High memory usage without any VM's Running

    Hello there! Recent changes: i have recently migrated my boot device on my proxmox server to two Seagate Iron Wolf M.2 SSD's - which are running in a raid1 configuration for failover. After setting up proxmox i started migrating all my VM's to it, thats where i noticed something weird. Proxmox...
  10. M

    Debian VM RAM Assigned As SWAP

    I have created a Debian 10 or 11 vm and added 6GB of RAM but, this is allocated as swap inside the vm, have i dun something wrong. I have tried other OS both, Linux and windows and this seems to be only happening with Debian, i have tried with and without ballooning enabled and changing the...
  11. E

    [SOLVED] kswapd0 using all CPU resources

    I solved this, it was a Virus! I was able to remove it with the help of this article. Hello I have proxmox installed on a server that has a AMD® Ryzen™ 5 3600 6c/12t @3.60GHz, 64 GB RAM and 2 x 480 GB NVME. On it there is 1 Windows 2019 Server running, 1 Ubuntu server and a owncloud cluster...
  12. K

    Understanding Proxmox memory saving features

    Hi there, We've been migrating away from our ESXI cluster to Proxmox, and it has been great so far, but I am still wondering about the memory saving features such as KSM and ballooning. Are KSM and Ballooning both enabled at the same time once the 80% limit has been reached? Will KSM /...
  13. A

    ballooning with windows guest issues

    Hello everyone. I got pve 6.3-2 and 2 windows VMs running server 2019. The server has 64gb RAM installed, i set each windows VM to 8GB min 48GB max i installed gemu-guest, all the missing drivers from virtio 1.185 i also installed the balloon service on each VM and it is shown as running. in...
  14. R

    Does ballooning not work in Windows 10 anymore?

    Config: Using virtio-win-0.1.185 Uninstalling the virtio drivers immediately releases all the memory. (I go from 9GB to 1.8G) Ballooning service is installed:
  15. J

    [SOLVED] FreeBSD guests boot fail

    initially my experience with Proxmox 6 was rather disturbing, eventually i resolved what caused these issues and proxmox works well for me now. Recently (yeah) though i took on myself to install FreeNAS and OPNSense which are FreeBSD based and both behave "weird". The vm config i use can be...
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    VM laufen voll im RAM

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe das Problem das meine KVM VMs im RAM voll laufen. Ich allokiere z.B. 4GB RAM und setze 2GB RAM als Ballooning ein. Nach kurzer Zeit sagen wir mal X Stunden ist der RAM bei 3,6GB (laut Proxmox) gefüllt. Auf der Console kann ich gut erkennen das vom wirklichen RAM nur...
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    [SOLVED] Have the ballooning issues with Windows guests been solved?

    Some time ago I recall that ballooning on Windows guests was not recommended (bad performance IIRC, not sure). Has this problem been solved and if so, on which virtio / pve version(s)?
  18. B

    Node memory summary wrong with ballooning?

    Hi all I've got 3 x Windows Server 2012R2 VM with the following memory config: Min memory: 6144 MB Memory: 24576 MB My physical machine has 64 GB RAM. I've enabled ballooning, installed QEMU agent, installed the balloon service and driver on each VM. One VM uses around 2.63 GB RAM idle which...
  19. P

    Balloon memory behaviour in version 5.3 changed compared to 5.1

    Hello, The balloon memory behavior in version 5.3 changed compared to 5.1. And not for good. I have a VM with a memory configuration like this: min memory 448mb max memory 16gb In Proxmox VE 5.1, the host provided memory to the guest machine as it was needed. Usually, it had 3gb, and when a...
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    It seems that GPU passthrough (with hostpci entry) forces full memory allocation?

    I have seen a suspicious behavior of my GPU-passthrough VM (Linux) for quite some time. That is no matter how small the actual memory usage is (even when the ballooning is enabled), upon starting the VM, it will "try" to allocate the full memory (as configured). This doesn't mean that ballooning...


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