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    Reason: no such token 'TOKENID' for user 'dev@pve'

    I have exported my token in this form: export PROXMOX_VE_APITOKEN='dev@pve!TOKENID=mytokenicreatedusingthegui' And I get this: error retrieving next VM ID: received an HTTP 401 response - Reason: no such token 'TOKENID' for user 'dev@pve' I also tried this: export...
  2. D

    Change vm args using api + api token authorization schema

    Hello. I am trying to set vm vnc port using api. Previously when I was performing this using "PVEAuthCookie authorization schema" everything worked fine. Now I am trying to switch my script to "PVEAPIToken schema". Problem is that my request does not change args and return '{"data":null}'...
  3. W

    OIDC Token question

    Hey Folks, New to Proxmox and was trying to poke around the API. I stumbled on a openid path ("/api2/json/access/openid") which holds 'auth-url' and 'login' endpoints. Does anyone have experience in using these endpoints to get a API ticket? I currently have working OIDC setup with Google and...
  4. C

    Proxmox and Zabbix

    I have tried everything under the sun to get this to work, from PSK configuration to API Token, etc..., but nothing works, and this is just trying to add the PVE host, not a VM. Please let me know if you need any further information. I would really like to get this working.
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    property is not defined in schema and the schema does not allow additional properties, while attempting start/stop/reboot.

    Hi Team, We are doing start/stop/reboot, through the curl API, (/nodes/proxmox25/qemu/{$vmid}/status/start /nodes/proxmox25/qemu/{$vmid}/status/stop /nodes/proxmox25/qemu/{$vmid}/status/reboot) and it is throwing the below error, {"data":null,"errors":{"password":"property is not defined in...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] Can't create API Token: Method Post not implemented (501)

    I need your help... I already do a search but can't find the solution for this... I'm trying create a new API token but when I save the information, I got this error What I'm doing wrong? EDIT: Proxmox VE 7.2-7
  7. U

    [SOLVED] unable to access API using PVEAPIToken

    I am trying to use the terraform<->proxmox plugin and for that purpose, I have created a dedicated terraform provisioning user like this: pveum role add TerraformProv -privs "VM.Allocate VM.Clone VM.Config.CDROM VM.Config.CPU VM.Config.Cloudinit VM.Config.Disk VM.Config.HWType VM.Config.Memory...
  8. P

    API ticket 401 authentication failure

    Virtual Environment 7.1-7 I use curl to access the PVE API, yesterday I could get a ticket normally, but today I can only get a null every time I access it, the command I use is: (There is no error in the password) output: * Trying * TCP_NODELAY set * Connected to...
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    Cannot authenticate to noVNC client using API token.

    Hi, I am using noVNC API from here to authenticate for accessing my proxmox VMs on a webpage. Previously on backend, I was using the ticket returned from this endpoint as password to authenticate to the vnc client. I was also using ticket-based authentication, and it was working fine, giving a...
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    Can't create API Token - Error 400

    Dear Forum, I would like to create an api Token for pve user, but I receive the following error message: Error Parameter verification failed (400) tokenid: value does not match the regex pattern. I already made an apt update and full-upgrade and a restart but still. Could someone please...
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    PVE Anbindung zu PBS per API-TOKEN

    Hallo zusammen :) wir probieren gerade den Proxmox-Backupserver aus. Bisher klappt alles ganz gut. PVEs konnte ich verbinden mit einem GUI-User, dem ich weniger Rechte gegeben habe. Leider stelle ich mich vermutlich beim API-Token etwas doof an :( Ich würde allerdings gerne einen Benutzer mit...
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    Why do I request the API address of the cluster to get the ticket return value is null

    Why do I request the API address of the cluster to get the ticket return value is null
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    Failed to request API interface authentication

    I added ticket and csrfpreventiontoken to all post requests. Why does the authentication error code always report this error? So does postman
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    Understanding API Tokens

    I ask for help in understanding how to correctly create and use the API Token. I first create a user and then create a token for that user. A token ID and secret is generated for me. I'm interested in what UUID is in USER @ REALM format! TOKENID = UUID
  15. J

    Authentication Method Affecting ISO Upload

    When using the HTTPS API, it appears that the authentication method affects ISO uploads. When using standard username/password authentication, the upload works as expected. When using an API Token (for the same user with all the user's permissions), the upload fails and the Response is a 501...


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