1. F

    Best way to run Android with a physical display

    Hello, I have a rather powerful Supermicro server in my home lab for both my work (multiple VMs and containers) and entertainment (jellyfin in an lxc, home assistant and such). Currently it has an Nvidia GPU installed along with its own Aspeed graphics. I'd wish to connect a physical...
  2. S

    Anyone with a successful Bluestacks or Android emulator running?

    Does anyone have a successful Bluestacks running on Windows 10 (or Win 11)? Please share your config. I have spent the past 3 weeks trying to get blue stacks running without crashing. Sometimes, it will run overnight without issues. Othertimes, it will crash on startup. Each crash will...
  3. B

    Android as VM (or container) - Like BlueStacks

    Does anyone know if something like BlueStacks (which I have used on Windows 10) is available for Proxmox? Google has lots of hits but not seeing anything specific as Android as a VM (without having to install some other OS). Maybe something Chromium or something else? Basically would like...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Spice Client for Android

    Friends any of you knowing a Spice client for Android that works with Proxmox? I'm looking for solutions for VDI and possibly using Chromebooks or Android to access Desktops within the company or via VPN.
  5. E

    Can I install qemu-guest-agent on android vm?

    I have android vm running on Proxmox: Android version: 6.0.1 Kernel version: 4.4.62-android-x86_64 Has anyone tried to install qemu-guest-agent on virtual androids to get on them from the outside? Cannot google any information about it. I found the page with available qemu-guest-agent packages...
  6. J

    [CLIENT][APP] Proxdroid - A Proxmox VE Client for Android

    Hello Proxmox Community, I started writing a new free and openSource Client for Android. It' would be nice if you can test it and give me some feedabck. PlayStore Link: Sourcecode on GitLab...
  7. P

    GraKa Passthrough und Android Emulator

    Hallo Zusammen, Ist es möglich, wenn ich meine GraKa an einer VM durchreiche, in dieser VM dann z.b.einen Android-Emulator (der Hardware acceleration benötigt) zu starten? Hat vielleicht damit jemand schonmal Erfahrung gesammelt? Der Hintergrund ist folgender, ich würde gerne eine VM...
  8. M

    [CLIENT][APP]Aprox - A Proxmox VE Client for Android

    Hi guys, some of you might already know my app but in case you missed it: Aprox is a Proxmox VE Client for Android which lets you control your cluster from your mobile device. You can download it on Google-Play:
  9. T

    SPICE Server & Custom SSL Certs

    --See latest update for actual issue-- Hey everyone! I've just about ironed out my Proxmox install so that it does anything and everything I could ever ask of it. One thing I'm still having trouble with is accessing my Proxmox VMs with SPICE enabled, via Android SPICE clients, like aSpice...
  10. P

    Android 6 in VM

    Hallo Zusammen, ich habe mir die Iso von Android 6.0 heruntergeladen und versucht diese in einer VM zu installieren. Das hat soweit auch funktioniert, allerdings ging die Installation recht schnell, eigentlich etwas zu schnell für meinen Geschmack, als ob er gar nichts installiert hat und dann...


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