1. I

    ProxMox, Vlan's and ACL Rules

    Background: I am a relative networking novice and what I have learned has been mostly by accident and preceded the advent of useful AI's so is quite cobbled together. I have somehow managed to set up what I believe to be a relatively secure network and am trying to be prudent about how I add...
  2. M

    SDN VNet permissions. Invalid ACL path

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to restrict permissions to certain VNets. In the Proxmox API Viewer the ACL paths are listed as /sdn/vnets and /sdn/vnets/{vnet}, but if I try to set these permissions I always get the error 400 Parameter verification failed. path: invalid ACL path '/sdn/vnets'. I'm...
  3. CH.illig

    [SOLVED] LXC Backup fehler wegen ACL

    Generelles Setup, Proxmox 7.4 (7.3 basis installation + Updates) Setup als ZFS via GUI Installer LXC Container mit debian Template, und nach installiertem Nextcloud (LAMP) Problem ist das Backup des LXC Containers auf einem Proxmox Backup server bei mir aber das Backup Target ist egal in dem...
  4. J

    Use ACL to share writable directory with multiple users over sshfs?

    Use ACL to share writable directory with multiple users over sshfs? I am trying to make it so that multiple users can connect via sshfs and have access to a directory (/fs) where they can modify or create files, either their own files or other peoples files. I am having trouble finding a way to...
  5. J

    pct - selektiver Restore mit allen Meta-Daten

    Wie kann man aus einem Backup auf dem Proxmox Backup Server einen selektiven Restore einzelner Verzeichnisse mit allen darunter liegenden Daten und Verzeichnissen samt Meta-Daten (owner,group,acls,xattrs,...) in einen laufenden Container bewerkstelligen? Also etwas vergleichbares wie z.B...
  6. VictorSTS

    PBS file backup and Windows ACL

    Hello, We are testing file backups using proxmox-backup-client v1.1.5 to a PBS server v1.1-5. When backing up files with Windows ACL from a SAMBA AD server and then restoring them back the ACL is lost. Are Windows ACL supported in PBS? (in the sense of being stored in the backup and restored...
  7. Y

    Enable Options -> Features (NFS) to admin user

    Hello, i have created an admin user named admin1: pveum aclmod / -group admin -role Administrator pveum usermod admin1@pve -group admin But admin1 can't modify Options -> Features (NFS) in the LXC menu. Thanks!
  8. I

    ACLs + NFS = viable?

    Hi there, What I'm trying to get is a working container with Posix ACLs support. Container's rootfs is in a NFS share. The NFS share has already acl "mark" activated in the host machine's fstab file. When I try to use setfacl I'm getting "Operation not permitted" answers at the container...
  9. G

    LXC Bind Mounts: everything runs as root?

    When mounting a zvol directory, do all actions taken inside the container show up as executed by root by default? I'm testing and that is what I noticed, now I am not too familiar with the new LXC/container lingo when it comes to "ACL" on the creation screen, I did not select it. I'm migrating...
  10. A

    Create PVE user to restart Vms only

    Hello, I try to figure out if it is possible to create a Proxmox (pve, not system) user that can login over web, check the state of the KVM VM (but can not change the machine's properties) and also can stop/start/reset the VM. The idea behind is that we have night shift person who's on duty to...


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