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    Can't install VM's on VE 7

    Could you please post your VM configuration? qm config <vmid>
  2. Dominic

    vzdump trouble again

    Have you been able to solve this already? Is this the only container for which backups do not work?
  3. Dominic

    Proxmox VE 7.0 Installation Error

    But RAID1 requires at least 2 disks? The best place to do so is the Proxmox Bugzilla
  4. Dominic

    Load balancing

    Hi, currently such a feature does not exist. There is, however, a request for it in the Proxmox Bugzilla. You can add yourself to its CC list to get notified about changes to its status.
  5. Dominic

    Windows VM memory

    Hi, have you installed the VirtIO Balloon Driver as outlined in the best practices? If so, which version are you using exactly?
  6. Dominic

    Dark Mode?

    There is a bug entry in Bugzilla. You can add yourself to the CC list to get notified about changes to its status. You can also find some unofficial solutions in the forum or rather on GitHub.
  7. Dominic

    [SOLVED] Migration VM Win10 from PVE 6.4 to PVE 7.x

    The best practices for Windows guests have not been changed by the jump from PVE 6 to 7. Backup & restore is a good & reliable way to transfer your VMs.
  8. Dominic

    How to add static IPs on a centos 7 vm in proxmox

    Hi, have you been able to solve this already? Usually posting cat /etc/network/interfaces ip a from both Proxmox VE host and within the VM is really helpful. In addition, you can debug really many networking problems using tcpdump, for example: tcpdump -envi vmbr0
  9. Dominic

    PVE7 and ECC notification?

    You can install rasdaemon in Proxmox VE apt update && apt install rasdaemon
  10. Dominic

    New installation instead of upgrade to Proxmox 7 - general structure

    Hi, if you absolutely want TrueNAS then this sounds OK. You can also think about letting Proxmox VE handle the physical disks and create a (maybe ZFS) storage on it install some (other) data storage solution in a VM assign the VM virtual disks residing on the storage from step 1
  11. Dominic

    Proxmox setup

    I would not recommend two-node Ceph cluster. Instead you could look into ZFS & storage replication. In addition, I would avoid the partitioning. You can give PVE one of the slower drives (or an additional 128GB SSD) and use the NVME as cache for ZFS. Note that for both Ceph & ZFS you should use...
  12. Dominic

    Best practices on setting up Proxmox on a new server

    Which storage controller do you have in your server? In general ZFS is a good choice, but it does use 50% of the host memory for caching by default. Depending on how much memory you need for your computations and the controller, other storage technologies might be interesting as well.
  13. Dominic

    ESXi as embedded guest - missing VirtIO / Ballooning

    Why is this unexpected? What VM options have you configured? qm config <vmid>
  14. Dominic

    pve 6.3 and 7.0 mixed environment?

    Yes, as explained by the preconditions in the upgrade guide. A temporary combination of 6.4 and 7 should work. There are some hints in the forum. Octopus is OK before the upgrade. You can upgrade later. See also in the upgrade guide.
  15. Dominic

    Have you tried to run CloudReady?

    Great to hear that you got so far! Unfortunately, that process often requires experiment with a couple of VM configuration options. Did you get the glitches with the noVNC shell? Maybe you can use some remote desktop solution (Chrome Remote Desktop) instead?


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