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  1. Using PBS to backup only specific folder

    That is, nevertheless, pretty amazing. I never knew it was capable of doing that.
  2. [SOLVED] Issue installing Proxmox 7 on Dell R720 in UEFI mode.

    Literally just installed onto an R720 just now without problem, what controller do you have, mine is a 710 mini and installed to RAID1
  3. existing bitmap was invalid and has been cleared

    Thanks, I think I have the idea now and will use the Remotes sync.
  4. existing bitmap was invalid and has been cleared

    I just came across this problem too. So just to get this right, if we want to backup twice eg once to local datacenter, once to remote datacenter, we lose all the goodness of incremental etc and are effectively doing full backups every time?
  5. Slow Backup reading source

    On my small cluster I also see a huge difference between PBS and NFS backup storage with Ceph. This is a 25GB VM To PBS - Over two and a half hours: Same VM to NFS using a regular backup, no PBS - Just over three minutes:
  6. Migrating VM using LVM to ZFS

    Yes no problem, with me it was that I had just added the nodes to the cluster. This meant the storages were showing on each server. What I had to do was simply go into each storage and edit it to restrict the storage to its own server. I hope this helps, I assumed everyone else knew this and...
  7. Migrating VM using LVM to ZFS

    Scratch that, I just found the problem, it works pefectly :)
  8. Migrating VM using LVM to ZFS

    When I try this I get: zfs error: cannot open 'rpool': no such pool 2020-09-27 16:15:47 ERROR: Failed to sync data - could not activate storage 'ZFS', zfs error: cannot open 'rpool': no such pool 2020-09-27 16:15:47 aborting phase 1 - cleanup resources 2020-09-27 16:15:47 ERROR: migration...
  9. Can I run a two node ceph temporarily?

    I'm slowly moving everything back to the ceph and will take it from there.
  10. Proxmox 6.2 with older VMs

    My issue with the sql was actually related to me upgrading to wheezy from jessie to try and fix the issue. The my.cnf file was the problem so actually nothing to do with proxmox. My other two issues where networking and a kernel panic relating to the scsi driver. My networking issue was fixed...
  11. OVH Proxmox 6 no web gui access

    I would reinstall but try using proxmoxserver.local or something as the hostname.
  12. OVH Proxmox 6 no web gui access

    The problem lies in that area though I think
  13. OVH Proxmox 6 no web gui access ProxmoxServer ProxmoxServer ProxmoxServer ProxmoxServer Thats not a fqdn, I don't know if thats important
  14. OVH Proxmox 6 no web gui access

    I cannot understand where those keys are, its a long time since I have done this stuff but you should be able to manually generate them. You haven't tried to cluster them have you?


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