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  1. Accessing the web interface with OPENVPN

    Hi! This is not exactly a Proxmox problem, but: ¿Can you ping from outside, to the IP assigned to your openvpn client? ¿Can you ping from LXC to outside? Regards!
  2. proxmox mail gateway for smtp pop bruteforce attack

    Hi, Actually, expose an old Windows directly to internet, is a high risk. What is the number of accounts have you in your server? Have you considered to use a online mailserver (like hosting provider) that handles the email and does the first job of stop bruteforce attacks, spam and some more...
  3. proxmox mailgateway in dmz zone configuration

    Hello! For what use are you installing Proxmox Mail Gateway? Regards!
  4. Deleted a node by mistake; what are my options now?

    Hi! The data in zfs pool, is from virtualized hosts? In this case you can not rejoining the cluster... node must be empty to join. See this similar post:
  5. [SOLVED] installation problem on mini pc asus PN50

    hi! Can you probe with another NIC, if the board have expansion slot? If not, please update the bios and test again.
  6. Doubt with ZFS Replace and HD Boot partition.

    Hi! I have a ZFS pool with 4x8TB disks I´m intended to test a full preventive replace of all of them, with another set of 4x8TB HDs. I have find this old thread with important instructions. : ZFS Disk replacement (2018) But i´m in doubt with the boot partition. Appears that the boot...
  7. [SOLVED] PBS disk full

    Hello everyone, Update on this post (note that my previous nickname was reconquista) I managed to sync a replica to another new server. I was able to recover almost all the files but no luck with VMs larger than 800gb. Anyway, we have recovered part of the files. We will try to improve the...
  8. Backup of windows client.

    If you need only backup files or folders from windows, and you does not have a virtualized Windows, you can try Deltacopy ( ) or Cobian Backup. These software are native from non-virtualized Windows (and also works in virtualized Windows)
  9. Disable dirty-bitmap

    Hi! Not sure if the correct name is "Live incremental backup"... But, in PBS FAQ you can read "With Proxmox Backup Server, backups are sent incrementally to the server, and data is then deduplicated on the server. This minimizes both the storage consumed and the impact on the network"...
  10. Disable dirty-bitmap

    My experience: Have tested this in my actual scenario and the dirty-bitmap, appears to be slow BUT is very quickly compared with full backup. We have a Zimbra Mailserver VM with 1.4 TB of data, (PBS located in separate server, 1gbps dedicated network and no-specialized hardware) -- Full...
  11. [SOLVED] PBS disk full

    Thanks Janssensm and Dunuin for your directions. Probably my english redaction are very basic to explain better (and google translator for some things... does not help really). Please note also that I live in Argentina where, due to financial situation, majority of small enterprises need to...
  12. Recuperação arquivo

    The snapshot was taken from Proxmox - Backup menu and was saved to a Proxmox directory, NFS folder or simillar? Please post a screenshot of your Proxmox Server - Storage and Backup screens.
  13. Spam emails with links

    Hi Are your incoming server using validation for SPF, DMARC or DKIM records? This records filters mostly of spam.
  14. Recuperação arquivo

    If your machine are running some Windows, you can try to repair with the original instalation media (or alternative installation that you find from a friend or the internet). From Proxmox Backup Server we can restore individual files. What is your need? Recover a specific file from your...
  15. [SOLVED] PBS disk full

    Thanks Dunuin for your recommendation. In my case, would the only way be to copy the files to another larger space with some zfs utility? Or maybe add 2 more disks to the rpool and extend it? The datastore appears to be OK... are mounted in this PBS and list OK the previous backups (see...


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