wrong url on local screen


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Feb 2, 2019

I am just testing proxmox.
After setting the Proxmox ip to dhcp there is still showing the first static IP on the local screen.
This is bad, because someone might use this wrong information trying to connect to proxmox.

where can I edit this Information?
Is ist possible to make it dynamic (show the IP just using, or the hostname mit local domain)?


Proxmox VE needs a fixed IP, and you need to write this one into /etc/hosts
After reboot still wrong IP on startscreen.

Because I am testing proxmox, I installed it on a Notebook.
I carry this from home to office and even to other places.
So changing the IP manually is not an option for me at the moment.

Can anyone tell me, where to edit the text shown?


I can not work with DHCP and changing IPs.
So everyone has other needs and nogos ;-)

Mostly I connect to mobile computers via host names anyway.
Who want's so memorize dozens of IPs from different LAN? It's hard enaugh to keep them in the brain for one spot.
When dhcp, DNS and hostnames, are working correctly, I can use names instead of numbers. And even if one is 192.x.x.x and the other 10.x.x.x, I can reach every device at any place via it's name.
If i need the IP, I ping the name. If DNS is down, I have a problem sometimes. In that case I have start my LANScan app ;-)

Carry around Your proxmox server for a while, and You will see...

Best Regards

So everyone has other needs and nogos ;-)

Yes, but that was not the question here. Proxmox VE does not support DHCP, you need a fixed IP.
Ahh.. that makes a difference.
You said 'I can not work with DHCP and changing IPs.' so I got that as a personal statement.

If I find the location of the info in the file tree, I post it here.
Even if I will not get a dynamic Information there, I could write the hostname or a hint there.


Try the file '/etc/issue' which can be recreated from a post up network script (it works on Ubuntu 16, dunno if the necessary packages are installed on vanilla Debian)

If you just want to find which file, grep inside "/etc"
Thanx shantanu!
I am very busy this week. I continue working in proxmox next week.

Kind regards

Yesterday I recognised that the new version 5.3-8 there is no startscreen at all - just the login.
So there is no wrong information on the screen.
I will give /etc/issue a try to show the real IP or hostname.

Is this feature ist still supported under 5.3-8?

Kind regards



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