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    1. online24

      another bug:

      cant migrate from one node to another node.

      VMID: please select, and no VM's are showed.
    2. zitanix
      Hi Tom
      im migration from ESXI to proxmox we need limit port speed for some VPS or IP hosted in proxmox for perventing overload
      i dont know how do that.
      can you do that for me ?
      we can provide you full root access
    3. multiflex
      Hi Tom

      Please email me @ with regards to the Modular Server validation.


    4. ITN
      Hallo Tom,

      leider ist mein Englisch zu schlecht, um im Forum zu posten.
      Wie hier:
      schon geschrieben, hängt der shutdown von WindowsXP-KVMs wenn Windows eine Eingabe erwartet. Das gibt aber große Probleme, wenn ProxmoxVE bei Stromausfall durch eine USV heruntergefahren werden soll. Gibt es da eine Lösung?

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen

      Frank Tüngler
    5. fbartels
    6. TimeRider
      Is there a wishlist for features of the gui/proxmox, I would like to see some kind of portforwarding from the host to the guest system, this way a single external IP could resolve on the host (port dependant) to various guest systems. This way an apache server could run on port 80, mail on 25 (but a completely different server), etc etc?
    7. maurizio.omissoni
      Hallo Tom, I have spoken with Krenn and they seem to be interested to test proxmox. I spoke with Mr. Weigelt and he is technically competent. If you wish, ask them again to test your PVE on their machines.
    8. maurizio.omissoni
      Hello Tom, i write here as it is more a "private" info. I will contact mr. schlutz or mr. weigelt to ask about a proxmox test and hope to help you to get from thomas-krenn a server for testing. Maybe, but I have to ask my boss, could be possible, to give our server to you before it is sent to Switzerland. But it will be in 6-8 weeks.
      Regards Maurizio
      (do you speak german?)
    9. jtorres71
      Hi tom, I need your help, I have a GroupWise 7 and Proxmox Mail Gateway 2.2, any emails sent from blackberry and are reported as spam are moved to quarantine, and Greg the domain to the whitelist overall, however I am coming to obliged to add to the whitelist for each user. There is a way to remove this validation for emails from this domain and thus are not moved to quarantine.

      Mi user is jtorres71 in the forum.

      Thank you very much.
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