Windows VM freezes with no issues with CPU or Memory usage.


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May 23, 2023
I am baffled by the issues I am having. I have a Windows VM using a .raw as the boot. Display is spice, it has 12 cores allocated to it and 24GB of RAM (Ballooning enabled min 6GB). Not always, but it does happen more and more frequently, the host will just stop and slow down, I can click stuff, type in information and nothing shows, then all of a sudden every action happens at once. I at first thought it was consuming too much CPU or Memory resources but on average the host uses about 3% of the CPU provided and 30% of the memory allocated. I then thought it had to do with Word, but it was the entire host that slowed down like that. Sending it more signals seems to help some times such as moving the mouse in circles quickly but that doesn't always help (so it is probably just in my head).

I followed some other suggestions in posts and the processor type is 1 socket with 12 cores set to host. No additional CPU flags. BIOS is set to OVMF (UEFI). Machine pc-q35-5.1 (I see an 8.1 option available do you think increasing that would help)? I created an EFI disk that is a qcow2 image, but the actual VM is a .raw with 100GB of storage. I am not sure of all the options, but I see a QEMU Guest Agent set to Default (Disabled) and I have both Spice Enhancements turned off, I do not need to share folders (SCP for that) and no need to stream video on it.

My setup, the VM is set up on my home lab server and I use the spice connection to connect to it from a Linux desktop when I need to perform actions on Windows. So everything is local and there isn't a huge distance (could switches) that it goes through.

Any help would be appriciated.


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