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    Node Memory Usage Broken? Reports VM as Always Using Entire Allocated Memory.

    I currently have an Ubuntu and a Windows 11 VM running on my Promox node. The node has 24gb of RAM, and I have allocated 12gb to the Windows VM. I set up ballooning on both Proxmox and inside the VM, and the reported memory usage in the VM Summary matches Windows Task Manager as expected...
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    [SOLVED] Remote Desktop Verbindung zur VM auf Proxmox geht nach Update nicht mehr

    Hallo Zusammen, ich habe ein Phänomen, was ich mir noch nicht erklären kann: Ich habe heute früh ein Update von Proxmox durchgeführt. Dabei schalte ich vorher schon immer alle Container und VMs aus. Auf dem Proxmox selbst läuft eine Windows 11 VM, welche super funktioniert. Jedoch nach dem...
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    [SOLVED] dynamic resolution not working on windows

    Hi, I found a number of threads about this but no suggested solution seems to work for me. I installed the spice-guest-tools and all windows 11 updates but the resolution of the vm does not automatically adjust its resolution when I change the window size. I also tried changing the biostype...
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    Found issue with Windows 11 / VMware workstation under Proxmox 8

    This is not a request for help but rather me, documenting my experience with Proxmox. I am using it in a home lab, and hope to be able to bring it up at work as a replacement for the 900lb guerilla. So I’ve found the conversion of VMW vmdk’s to be onerous. First uninstalling the current...
  5. Z

    Windows VM freezes with no issues with CPU or Memory usage.

    I am baffled by the issues I am having. I have a Windows VM using a .raw as the boot. Display is spice, it has 12 cores allocated to it and 24GB of RAM (Ballooning enabled min 6GB). Not always, but it does happen more and more frequently, the host will just stop and slow down, I can click stuff...
  6. G

    Windows VM crashes after x time of gaming

    Hello Proxmox forms, I have an old PC on which i virtualize Truenas and Windows 11. I have a GTX 1050 Passed trough over pcie to the windows VM for gaming. But after an X amount of time gaming my screen freezes and audio glitches, and after 20 seconds or so i see the proxmox grub bootloader...
  7. M

    Proxmox dies when i try to install win11

    Guys, please help me. When I try to install windows11 on my proxmox which is on virtualbox, I wait couple minutes when it says installing some components and when the installation is done my vm freezes and server crash. I tried bunch of different iso images but none of them work correctly. Does...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] [HELP] Windows via LAN to samba share folder Proxmox VM

    I have a Proxmox VM using ubuntu. i want to share the folder in ubuntu to LAN. i have installed samba for it. i can ping the VM ip from my windows pc with the same network, but i can't access the share folder. i'll try with windows explore and cmd with command 'net use' what should i do?
  9. K

    Intel i9 13900k bad multicore perfomance

    Hello there everybody, i am running an Windows 11 VM on my proxmox server (newest BIOS and all settings double checked on the BIOS side). I use a i9 13900k and 64 GB 3200 mhz DDR4 RAM. Somehow no matter what i am doing i get disappoting multicore benchmark results in the Windows 11 VM. I tried...
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    [TUTORIAL] Windows 11 VM for gaming setup guide

    I just finished migrating my Windows 11 gaming VM from Unraid to Proxmox. Along the way I encountered some obstacles. To hopefully save other people some time I'm writing a detailed guide here on how I set up my system. Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on this stuff. It is entirely...
  11. L

    Local-LVM Full

    Hi. I install Windows 11 as VM in Proxmox which i allocate 100 MB. However, the next day, the local-LVM space suddenly full. Previously have 4 G space left. This windows 11 are meant for developer to save their stuff in it. Kindly advice what can i do to fix this rather than allocate more...
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    New Windows 11 VM Fails Boot After Update

    Hi all, I'm brand new to Proxmox, and so far have been really impressed. It was relatively easy to get up and running, and the UI is pretty straight forward. It took me a little while to find all the right references to get GPU passthrough working but, after some tinkering, I seemingly had a...
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    Can't run WSL2 on 8.1 (VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR)

    Hi everyone, Whenever I run the CPU as host (needed for WSL2 afaik), I end up with the VM crashing every 11 minutes or so, or whenever I scan for hardware changes in the device manager. The BSOD is: VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR I have tried googling around to no avail. My setup: CPU: Ryzen 9...
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    Help with RTX3090 Passthrough (Code 43)

    Good morning everyone! I've been wrecking my brain for the last 2 days looking everywhere to get my RTX 3090 to passthrough without Code 43 error. Current Setup: Mobo: Crosshair VIII Dark Hero CPU: Ryzen 5900x No Integrated GPU (But I have a second RTX3090 and have tried using both)...
  15. C

    Web Portal Rendering Issues Vivaldi Brower

    Hi all, This just started happening this morning! Up until yesterday the portal was working with out issue! Vivaldi Edge: I've adjusted all the privacy settings down to 0 for the site, still having issues. Just wondering if others are seeing this?
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    How to install Win11 in Proxmox | Quick guide | And fix problems of network search

    To get started, we need: virtio-win ISO win11 ISO Next create VM, We need this: OS — use w11 image System — use SCSI controller — VirtIO SCSI | Bios OVMF (UEFI) and add TPM Disk — VirtIO Block and minimal disk size 64 Gb Add CD/DVD Drive to Hardware, use IDE virtio-win Image. Now we can...
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    Windows 11 - KB5031455 (2023-10 Cumulative Update Preview) boots to recovery mode

    Anyone else run into this? Windows 11 Pro/64 on latest proxmox, installing the above update, the VM boots into windows recovery mode, none of the repair options seem to work. Restore from backup and tested several times - installing KB5031455 causes this everytime. Have latest Virtio (240)...
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    Windows 11 VM (Best Performance)

    Hi Currently i am creating a new VM with windows 11. Anyone knows what is the BEST way possible to setup windows 11 in terms of performance (to host game servers) ? I'll host really high cpu dependent game servers. System: Proxmox v8.0.4 (latest version) Thanks.
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    [SOLVED] SPICE configuration with outdated certs

    Hello, I'm trying to set up SPICE for my guest OS Ubuntu 22.X on Proxmox 8.0.4. I followed the instructions from the given web sites: Proxmox SPICE Guide OSTechNix SPICE Guide In summary, I added the SPICE display with 32 Mb and disabled the proxmox and client firewalls. So far, SPICE would...
  20. M

    Windows 11 drivers issue in proxmox

    Hi I successfully installed win 11 pro in vm of proxmox. Issue I face is driver.. Even video driver is basic video driver.. Audio also missing. So is wifi as I have msi B550 vdh board. I tried the latest virtio iso image and ran all in it x64 etc. Scanned for driver online and also in iso. All...


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