[SOLVED] VM Crashing


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Jun 9, 2019
Hi, I have one problem:

One of my VM is still crashing. I dont know why. Cant be it caused by proxmox?

VM starts normally and after some time it crashes.

Maybe it is caused by update of VM "apt-get upgrade". But I restored backup before this crash and it appears still!


^^ thats what I can get as log from console :c

Why do you use e1000 as network type? If it's a recent Linux (and recent means 10 years here), it should know how to handle virtio.
Agree with LnxBil

I would also set virtio as the SCSI storage adaptor.
Set storage cache to pass through

The VM Kernel is panicking which can be a few things.

How many phisical sockets does the server have?
How many cores?
How many cores and sockets does the VM have?

More info and maybe a screen shot of the VM hardware configuration.

Server has 2 sockets 12 cores (one).
VM has 1 socker 8 cores.

Thanks for reply
Best practise is to have cores equally spread across sockets.

i.e. total physical cores 12 cores/ 2 sockets = max 6 cores per socket.

total physical cores 24/ 2 sockets = 12 cores per socket

This does not include hyper threading as those cores don't actually exist they are just additional paths to the same core, make sure you check your CPU type and cross check the real amount of physical cores as many hypervisors will show the hyper threaded CPU and not physical cores.

Server has 2 sockets 12 cores (one).

so just for clarification what does that mean?

how many physical cores per CPU socket (not hyper threaded)

Hi. So server has 6 physical cores per socket. I will try changing that network settings...

Thanks for help!
Hi Alemiz

also change the current 1 CPU 8 cores to

1 CPU socket 6 cores total:

or 2 sockets 6 total (3 x 2)

the VM will perform better once its up and running.

let us know how you go with the network and VIRTIO storage changes.

I found other solution! But first, I cloned that VM (that crashing one) and than I upgraded kernel to 5.x and enabled HWE. TADA its working!

On second clone Im currently trying your advises. So lets see what will happen!

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Magically both methods works great! I combined them and now I have a lot bigger performance! Maybe this will be usable for other guys who are like me :p
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