VM clone high I/O with hardware RAID-10 SSD drives


Jan 9, 2020
When we perform an offline VM clone, we see a very high I/O for 1-2 minutes, which causes other VMs to slow down considerably. Running the latest Proxmox 7.

RAID-10 is using Intel VROC.
SSDs are: Crucial/Micron Micron_1100_MTFDDAK2T0TBN
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v4 dual CPUs
512 GB RAM
ext4 FS

# mdadm --detail /dev/md126     
         Container : /dev/md/imsm0, member 0
        Raid Level : raid10
        Array Size : 3800748032 (3624.68 GiB 3891.97 GB)
     Used Dev Size : 1900374016 (1812.34 GiB 1945.98 GB)
      Raid Devices : 4
     Total Devices : 4

             State : active
    Active Devices : 4
   Working Devices : 4
    Failed Devices : 0
     Spare Devices : 0

            Layout : near=2
        Chunk Size : 64K

Consistency Policy : resync

              UUID : 26873495:bc13463a:68385e30:f5db71ae
    Number   Major   Minor   RaidDevice State
       3       8       32        0      active sync set-A   /dev/sdc
       2       8       48        1      active sync set-B   /dev/sdd
       1       8        0        2      active sync set-A   /dev/sda
       0       8       16        3      active sync set-B   /dev/sdb

Image attached showing I/O load during offline clone. We also see this very high I/O on a snapshot that includes memory.

Just trying to determine if there is an issue with the hardware/RAID, software configuration issue, or if this is expected for clones/snapshots...


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