Verify always verifies all backups


Apr 29, 2020
Hi there,

what is the reasoning behind the verify command always verifying all backups, even those already verified? I don't think a new backup modifies previous backups, correct?
This almost takes a full day to verify our 500 backups from our cluster..

The idea is to detect if backups suffered Data degradation (
For example: If the verify operation of a backup finished successfully last week doesn't necessarily means it is still OK today.
It's good to have backups, it's even better if you know they are not corrupted by the storage.
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A new implementation of the verification system is currently under development and should be out soon. Among other things, it will allow you to
specify whether or not previously verified snapshots should be checked again.

In any case, it's good to re-verify all your backups from time to time, to ensure the data is safe and as it should be.
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Great, thanks for the replies! A weekly check of all backups, and a daily check of new ones would be perfect I think.. Keep up the great work!
Hi Roland,

Is it possible to say, when the verify Option will be released?
Or is it already released?
This functionality is currently included in Proxmox Backup Server, through the use of verify jobs [1]

Does it need a PVE Backup Server?
And it's a feature of Proxmox Backup Server, which is totally independent from PVE. To my knowledge, PVE does not contain any data verification options, as it's somewhat out of scope for the product.


thanks for information!
I thought something like that, Backup Server is necessary to verify.
Its already on my plan to test the Backupserver, but currently i have a other problem

A college installed PVE on a System with Raid Controller and maybe a RAM is faulty. All Backups seems to be ok but every Backupfile is corrupted
No i'm migrating all VM to a new system

thanks for the info


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