1. D

    Verification jobs failing after successful logrotate, Status unknown

    Hello, we have a weird phenomen on our two backup servers running version 2.4.2 and all packages up-to-date. Our daily verification job that starts running at 02:00 ends up with the status 'unknown' at 00:00. The job actually seems to need more than one day to complete because of our file...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Prune & GC & Verify on encrypted Backups and are the Backups still incremental

    Hello, I want to store the backups of my PVE encrypted on my PBS. I am now wondering whether the pbs can still run a prune/verify/gc on the backups, since the pbs does not have an encryption key? My second question is whether the backups are still incremental at all?
  3. P

    GUI way to verify the vma.zst backup images

    To verify backup images, I have to run this in the CLI zstdcat /var/lib/vz/dump/vzdump-qemu-100-2023_05_02-21_36_38.vma.zst | vma verify -v - Would be very helpful if it can be from the GUI as well.
  4. T

    Verify Job - E-Mail only if job fails

    Hi, I have a verify job on my Proxmox Backup Server which sends me an "Verify Datastore 'xxxx' successful" E-Mail after each run. Is it somehow possible to configure the verify job, that this mail is only send on failure? Thanks, Thomas
  5. A

    Terrible restore speed due to index verification

    Hello, while restoring a vm backup over the pbs i noticed that the restore took a huge amount of time, multiple hours in fact which would be catastrophic for a productive system that needs to be restored in case of sudden crashes. So i tried to look into the possible reasons as of why the...
  6. S

    Verification speed

    Hello, I have a question, i read from @tuxis they reach around 2GB/s read speed for verify The also use normal disks with special devices, just like our situation. 12 x 7200 RPM 8 TB disk (RaidZ2) 2 x 960 GB...
  7. TwiX

    ZFS Datastore - Fragmentation with SSD ?

    Hi, I have recently replaced all my HDD for 10 SSD for my ZFS Datastore. This is now extremely fast specially verify jobs (even if we can discuss the interest of verifying snapshots on a ZFS pool). The weird thing is that PBS reports fragmentation on the related pool : AFAIK, on a SSD...
  8. K

    Unable to load chunck ... Data blob has wrong CRC checksum.

    Hi , since a few days i'm experiencing some pretty troublesome problems with my PBS. I increased the size of my datastore from 4TB to 10TB and since then, I have a lot of verify tasks that are failing. Here is one of the many failed log that i'm recieving: () 2021-11-03T02:13:50+01:00...
  9. V

    Verify always verifies all backups

    Hi there, what is the reasoning behind the verify command always verifying all backups, even those already verified? I don't think a new backup modifies previous backups, correct? This almost takes a full day to verify our 500 backups from our cluster.. thanks!


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