[SOLVED] Slight memory problems with qemu-guest agent on Win10


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Apr 27, 2014
I recently found a newer version as I was running an agent from 2015, have a look: http://take.ms/boW0a
So after replacing the one from 2015 with the one from 2018 my memory consumption as reported within the guest (Win10) jumped straight to 10GB out of 12GB.

After deisntalling and installing hte 2015 qemu-agent again and rebooting this is what the VMs memory looks like right after the reboot:

Any ideas what could be wrong? Does anyone have a link to the current proven to work properly qemu-agent version for Win10 64bit?
Thanks. I did indeed have that exact latest version you linked to. I noticed that even when downgrading, the memory consumption rises again to 10GB with a VM that does nothing.

Full Virus scan can back negative, its a Win10 Enterprise version 1803. This problem might not be related to the qemu-agent after all, that was just my first suspicion since I noticed the problem right after the update of the qemu-agent.

Will keep investigating.
Hm, still seeing this problem. memory consumption goes up to 10GB with nothing running. The VM has been assigned 2GB RAM min and 12GB RAM max.

Here is a typical scenario. (This is produced by the RAMMap tool fro mSysinternals) - I googled driver locked memory and it seems related to ballooning... this is the best explanation I found: http://blog.luxem.org/2013/05/driver-locked-memory-on-hyper-v-guests.html

Can someone provide a link to the latest ballooning driver / setup? Maybe its related to that instead of my first guess the qemu-agent

I think I might have had a blonde moment. I figured out I made a mistake and had overcommitted my hosts memory so the Windows 10 client might have really been right in that the huge amount of RAM it was showing as "driver locked" was indeed actually used by other VMs and not available hence it was shown as locked and not available. I shut down another VM and indeed the amount of "driver locked" memory went down.


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