Restore Proxmox KVM image to another Proxmox server


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Aug 30, 2008
I have had this problem with restoring Proxmox KVM to another server with different VMID
I am now running Pve version 1.9
I used the following steps to create and restore the backup
  1. Suppose I want to backup VMID = 102
  2. Backup a running KVM image using vzdump --dumpdir <dir> --compress VMID onto Proxmox server 1
  3. Copy the *.tgz file to another Proxmox server 2
  4. Copy the *.iso above which the KVM image was created such as debian-live-6.0.3-amd64-standard.iso to proxmox server2 /var/lib/vz/tempalte/iso/
  5. On Proxmox server 2, I run the restore using qmrestore /var/lib/vz/dump/*102*.tgz 107 to restore the backup make in step 2 with different VMID = 107 because VMID 102 is already used on server 2.
  6. I make sure that VM 102 on server 1 is stopped and the onboot flag is not set.
  7. Now I start the restored VM 107 on server 2
  8. I change to a new IP address and hostname, and every thing is OK so far
  9. Now I move to server 1 and start VM 102
  10. I run my ssh session and VM 102 runs for a bit and then it locks up, which behaves like an IP conflict. But the two VM's 102 and 107 are using two different IP's.
I do not understand why it happening. Did I missing to change something? Please help...
Also Is there a butter way?


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Aug 30, 2008
That is it, MAC address conflict
I installed macchanger
Ran ifconfig to view the currently listed MAC-address which is listed as HWaddr
And then ran
macchanger -r eth0 to generate a random MAC-address

Thank you for the help.


Proxmox Staff Member
Staff member
Aug 29, 2006
there is on option regarding MAC in qmrestore, see 'man qmrestore'

qmrestore(1)                 Proxmox Documentation                qmrestore(1)

       qmrestore - restore QemuServer vzdump backups

       qmrestore [OPTIONS] <archive> <VMID>

        --info                    read/verify archive and print relevant
                                  information (test run)

        --unique                  assign a unique random ethernet address

        --storage <STORAGE_ID>    restore to storage <STORAGE_ID>

        --prealloc                never generate sparse files

        --repeat <number>         repeat the restoration process with
                                  VMID numbers incremented per run

       Restore the QemuServer vzdump backup <archive> to virtual machine
       <VMID>. Volumes are allocated on the original storage if there is no
       "--storage" specified.

           vzdump(1) vzrestore(1)

1.1                               2011-09-12                      qmrestore(1)

Chris Rivera

Is this possible to be added as a check box option when restoring a new vm?

this would be really helpful. thanks!


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