pveam update on PVE 3.4 error on TKL


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Feb 26, 2009
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Nov 30 18:45:01 start download http://releases.turnkeylinux.org/pve/aplinfo.dat.asc
Nov 30 18:45:03 download finished: 200 OK
Nov 30 18:45:03 start download http://releases.turnkeylinux.org/pve/aplinfo.dat.gz
Nov 30 18:45:05 download finished: 200 OK
Nov 30 18:45:05 gpg: Signature made Thu 26 Nov 2015 09:08:28 PM IST using RSA key ID A16EB94D
Nov 30 18:45:05 [GNUPG:] SIG_ID sTGvFYLxognTvWX2b7GjOCcLdbA 2015-11-26 1448552308
Nov 30 18:45:05 [GNUPG:] GOODSIG 85C25E95A16EB94D Turnkey Linux Release Key <release@turnkeylinux.com>
Nov 30 18:45:05 gpg: Good signature from "Turnkey Linux Release Key <release@turnkeylinux.com>"
Nov 30 18:45:05 [GNUPG:] VALIDSIG 694CFF26795A29BAE07B4EB585C25E95A16EB94D 2015-11-26 1448552308 0 4 0 1 2 00 694CFF26795A29BAE07B4EB585C25E95A16EB94D
Nov 30 18:45:05 signature valid: 694CFF26795A29BAE07B4EB585C25E95A16EB94D
Nov 30 18:45:05 update failed: unable to parse appliance record: unknown type 'lxc'
Nov 30 18:45:05 update sucessful

It seems okay to ignore the error:
update failed: unable to parse appliance record: unknown type 'lxc'

The OpenVZ images from TKL are at:
whilst the "proxmox" images are now LXC at:

Other threads are:

The last archived OpenVZ listing (2015-08-01) is at:

The latest LXC TKL Templates are only available for amd64 and not for i386 whilst the earlier OpenVZ ones were available for both.
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yes, pveam update shows an error on 3.x system, but as there are no updates anymore the current list is still up2date.

ALL new TKL appliances for LXC (Proxmox VE 4.x) are amd64 only (decision from TKL).
For those who want to manually update their /var/lib/pve-manager/apl-info/apl-available file with TKL OpenVZ template details, the last known set is attached here.


  • TKL_OpenVZ_Templates_Info.zip
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