PVE fresh install help please for a newbie


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Jun 10, 2023
Hi - Taking the Proxmox plunge very soon and dont want to make any bad initial decisions.

I have (2) unused Intel servers and my objectives are: Home server lab, Virtualization playground, Home Assistant, NFS using TrueNAS, DNS&Ad blocking, Windows VM testing. I currently have an all-Unifi Network with the servers connected to a 10G switch and would like to move my cameras' NVR off the UDM Pro router to TrueNAS.

Server 1: Unknown XeonSilver4210 2.2GHz 10/20cpu -256GB RAM (Mellanox 10G SFP+ NIC on order)
(1) 3.84TB Micron 5300 Pro enterprise SSD (500hrs)
(1) 2.0TB Samsung NVME SSD 990 Pro (new)

Server 2: Supermicro Xeon2123 2.2Ghz 4/8cpu -64GB RAM (native 10G SFP+ ports)
(2) 1.0TB Samsung 870EVO SSDs (new)
(2) 1.92TB Samsung PM883 enterprise SSDs (500hrs)
(1) 2.0TB Samsung NVME SSD 970 EVO+ (new)

1. So far, I dipped my toe into the water by installing PVE:
- SuperMicro server: to a Raid1 ZFS mirror using the (2) 1TB SSD drives
- Unknown higher end server: to a ZFS Raid0 using the single 3.84TB enterprise SSD
Is there a better way to setup the boot drives? All mirrors sounds best but I dont have the drive options on the better performance server.

2. How should I utilize the NVME SSD's? My guess so far is to use them for VM data and Containers, and then leverage ZFS replication between the 2 servers.

3. Should I install TrueNAS as a Proxmox VM or bare metal on the Supermicro?

4. Both Proxmox boot drives have a of of extra memory when I use the NVME's for VM data and Containers. Is there a partition approach for the boot drives which will help make their extra memory available for (something else?) ? Or put everything on the connected SSD's and use NVME differently?

5. As this is a Home lab, I don't have a need for HA, but an easy "backup" design is definitely desired. Is the NVME replicated a good idea? I am open to finding a 3rd server to setup a Proxmox cluster, but was thinking "1 step a time Jim".

Thank you very much for any ideas, suggestions and comments !!
If you want to setup a cluster for a homelab (for ha you will need a third node or a quorum device) with zfs replication i would not worry too much about only one disk on one side, you have got your replication.

I would use the biggest disk for a proxmox backup Server so you can restore if shit happens.
The pbs can be a vm or a lxc or you can install it to one of your hosts


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