Proxmox VE 6.0 beta released!

Well, the fun continues.

Before I did a clean install of 6.0 beta, I backed up my ansible playbooks from 5.4 VE which worked.

So did a 'apt-get install ansible' and 'apt-get python-pip. Then did a 'pip install proxmoxer'

When I run the playbook to create a VM, I get the following error:

'authorization on proxmox cluster failed with exception: invalid literal for float(): 6-0.1'

Did API access change from 5.4 to 6.0 beta?

I've created an issue for the record, will try to see if i can find some time to dig around in code.
See the PVE6 Upgrade Guide. PVE6 ist still Not released yet, so your repo address is wrong. Correct address is in Wiki and in the first post of the thread.
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node is registered with the key. fresh buster install, followed by pve, according to instructions. key has been re-issued, shows as active.

Until the final release only the "pvetest" repository is available and populated, this should underline the "Beta" state, i.e., it's not fully enterprise ready, yet. :)
As soon as Proxmox VE 6.0 is released those will work.

Edit: sorry, had this thread opened a while ago, and did not saw the new answers...
As you are staff, perhaps you can answer the one and only question: When? :D
Wondered that the Beta came out a few days before Buster Final so I would guess (hope?) it's just a question of a few days? Waiting really hard for some Buster Features (PVE too, of course...)
As 6.0 is still beta, there is no stable enterprise repo.
Update from Proxmox 5.4 to 6.0-beta1 did work in my test environment. A new installation does not because Xorg can't launch the graphics anymore. With Proxmox 5.4 the installer works, with 6.0 it does not.

"Screen 0 deleted because of no matching config section."
"Cannot run in framebuffer mode. Please specify busIDs for all framebuffer devices"

"xgifb 0000:0f:00.0: Unable request memory size 1000000
xgifb 0000:0f:00.0: Fatal error: Unable to reserve frame buffer memory. Is there another framebuffer driver active?"

We're trying this now - looking very good so far!

Out of interest (and sorry if this has been covered elsewhere!), but was there a reason for going for Nautilus rather than Mimic in Ceph?

Keep up the great work!

Out of interest (and sorry if this has been covered elsewhere!), but was there a reason for going for Nautilus rather than Mimic in Ceph?

Nautilus is newer, had a stable release almost 3 months ago and will be longer supported, so the Proxmox VE project thought that it was better suited as way forward as one major upgrade can be saved. Mimic's estimated end of life is roughly in a year, so all those upgrading to it would need to do another upgrade already in a year from now.
Out of interest (and sorry if this has been covered elsewhere!), but was there a reason for going for Nautilus rather than Mimic in Ceph?

Also, our internal upgrades of tests and production clusters from Luminous to Nautilus went all well, if done by our upgrade how-to, and thus we saw no reason with not shipping Nautilus.
Installed on Hetzner EX52-NVMe almost without errors. v6 Repo-key has not been installed, which might have been done on purpose as this is beta.
Tried bootstrapping install from buster-rescue-system, but no hardware networking device was available. Thanks to Proxmox-ISO and the LARA "experience" it was okay...
Has anyone a good script to run on this to trigger errors or do a load test?
I am currently running 5.4 on two nodes configured as a cluster. They each have a single NVMe SSD drive, so I had to install with ext4. I do have some shared storage (NFS), but most of my machines are on local thin-lvm.
I would like to upgrade them both to 6.0 including ZFS.
What is the recommended sequence? Migrate all machines to one node, remove from cluster, then re-install fresh with 6.0/zfs, and migrate VMs across? Or upgrade in place to 6.0 on both nodes first before re-installation? I guess the key question is whether a 5.4 node and 6.0 node can exist in the same cluster and migrate VMs between themselves.
Hi, I find that most of GITS has a update on 7/12(bump version), so if we can get beta2 or RC by this weekend? thanks
Upgraded to 6BETA and tried to install KernalCare but it returns with UNSUPPORTED SYSTEM, I opened a ticket with them but all I got was a "We will let our devs know" :shrug:

Other than that this is a single node (not cluster) and under light load seems to working all dandy

Edit: So they never actually claim to support pve6 Hopfully there will be support once stable
How hard will it be expected to be to upgrade from PVE6 BETA to stable once released?


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