New to Proxmox - Issues with ZFS & local-lvm


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Oct 29, 2023
Hello Forum,

I have recently started to experiment with VM's and Proxmox.

I set up my first node on an old gaming system. I had 3 different drives (1 x 240gb SSD, 1 x 2tb HDD and 1 x 1tb HDD) and I managed to set up multiple VM's perfectly fine).

I began to investigate what Proxmox could do and was really interested in having multiple nodes in a cluster. I had plently of old hardware hanging around and was donated another old machine. On the 2nd node, I had 4 HDD, 2 x 500gb and 2 x 1tb. On the 3rd, with the remaining pieces, I had a 300gb HDD and 1 tb.
I know that there is probably a better configuration for all of this but really just trying to experiment with the functionality.

When I was installing PVE on the 2nd node, I set it up with ZFS (I think ZFS1) on the 500gb HDD's. Where as, as I didn't have any matching sized drives on the other systems so just chose the fastest drive on each.

The issue that I've encountered is with the local-lvm on the 2nd node, it shows a question mark next to local-lvm and if I select that then VM disks, it says "no such logical volume pve/data (500).

I don't know what I'm supposed to do to make this right?
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there is not local-lvm storage in zfs install of proxmox ve.
it should be local-zfs.
local-lvm is for ext4 pve os install where lvmthin is used to store VM'vDisks.
Thanks for your reply @_gabriel,

What I don't understand is why it has added it to my node if there was only zfs install of Proxmox VE on that node. Is it because I did an Ext4 PVE install on my first node?

Also, should it be showing local-zfs instead? or do I need to add this manually? It currently shows local and local-lvm (with a question mark)
I think I've got it, please let me know if this is wrong.

I have gone into Storage on the Datacenter and selected the local-lvm. I selected the 2 other nodes (putting a restriction on node 2). I then added storage of ZFS, selecting the ZFS pool on node 2 and gave it an ID.

Does that sound about right? Is there anything that I should be considering with this?
keep in mind the storage configuration is common/shared over the cluster, but "local-xxx" storage of each node cannot be used by the other, it remains local to the node itself, irrc (no yet cluster project here).
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Thanks again @_gabriel.

Please bear with me as I try to understand this better. If I aim to set up High Availability within the Proxmox cluster, is it accurate to say that I would need to configure shared storage? Is this what you mean when you say no yet cluster project here? or is there something else that I'm missing?
Ahh, ok. Fair enough, everyone is on a journey :)

I do want to do HA but I'm a bit off getting it there and I think I need to reconfigure the drives that I have and I have more on their way so wish me luck


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