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Oct 27, 2011
I think on Desktop we now use 3x more Space to display the same information (on Forum Thread-overview). Kinda annoying, but not the life-threatening :p

edit: where are avatar+ signature hiding ?
Can I kindly put some some emphasis on this? If theres an easy way to install additional themes, that would be great! At the moment on a 2560x1440 display you can only fit 4 posts on the screen which seems like such a waste of space. Hiding avatars and signatures might help already, but a more condensed and/or desktop-oriented theme (that uses more width or something) would help.

Also I assume I gotta contact one of the guys I pushed towards / consulted for Proxmox to get one their license keys to get the subscriber banner thingy? :)
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Proxmox Staff Member
Staff member
Jun 23, 2015
As a temporary "solution" I'd like to point out the little button on the bottom left (just above black the "About.../Quick Nav" box) which looks like two arrows at a 45 degree angle pointing outwards: If you click that button the theme will span across the entire browser width making the browser's zoom feature a viable option. (If you don't do this then the browser-zoom is rather... dumb... with this theme.)
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Jan 1, 2010
The forum's giving me an issue. It remembers the draft post I was writing (& stopped b/c I answered my own question & didn't need it anymore), & when I try to write a whole new one (Forums>Installation & Configuration>New Post), there the draft is, still there as if I never abandoned it. [1]

I don't see a way to delete it & start fresh...


No worries, I can just replace its content. ty nevertheless... :-D


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