Mini HOWTO: Running Mac OS X 10.9 under Proxmox 3.3

osx is created on my way :)
I got progress bar with bad graphics but it's better then previous state :) I just changed the kernel, it's funny because I try with four different kernels and nothing, and now I was export boot file from chameleon2795 (kernel) from .pkg and result is in attachment :)
It's pretty slow for now, but I'll try few more things.
Thank you very much for helping me! I'll post here my final result and configuration.

Hi Maxa,

i also had this screen "Problem", but with the correct settings in the vm.conf it should work. Try it out and it will work! When you have a screen resolution problem, try the right resolution with the "extra" folder, or give the resolution manually at the chameleon boot menu!

Best regards,



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Oct 26, 2015
Hey Roman,
I think my problem is .iso file, so I'll create new image like it's described in earlier posts of this discussion.
Thank you for suggestions, I'll also try with resolution and chameleon boot later.


May 20, 2016
Hey everyone! It looks like a lot has happened since I last checked out this thread. Good work everyone.

You know what would be helpful? Rather than having to try to painstakingly re-create the configurations of each other... it would be AWESOME, and I would be VERY grateful, if someone could do the following:

Running the newest/current Proxmox VE version 4.2, setup, configure, and get working the newest/current Mac OS X (El Capitan version 10.11.4) to where everything is working, and it's all ready for use...

and THEN, do a vzdump so that there's a single file that a perfectly working Mac OS X virtual machine can be restored from, so any of us could perform a restore and have a working Mac VM without any trouble.

THEN (very important step!): decompress/untar the backup/dump file, locate the actual hard disk image file (like a vmdk, but I suppose raw or something like that in this case), DELETE the hard disk file, then use /usr/bin/touch to make a placeholder file with the exact same name, permissions, and sitting in place at the exact same filesystem path. (also do this for any restore partition, or OS X installer ISO)

THEN, re-tar/re-compress the dump file and upload it somewhere and share a link with us all here (making note of the exact naming and location/path of that hard disk file).

If someone would do that, it would allow all of us to download the virtual machine dump file, restore it on our system, and then simply swap out the hard disk image file with one that we create ourselves.

This would allow for easy sharing of the virtual machine dump/backup file (as the size should be pretty small after removing the hard disk file), AND by removing the disk image file, the resulting dump file being shared would NOT contain any private/commercial/copyright'ed data that Apple would frown upon us sharing... it would simply be a collection of configuration info describing a virtual machine's specific setup.

I'm guessing a LOT of people would be very grateful. I know I for one certainly would.

Please, please, please. =)
+1 :)


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