Migrating ZFS From TrueNAS to Proxmox


Jan 7, 2021
Hey all,

I feel like I'm not the first to need this, but I've searched forums, reddit, and the internet as a whole to figure this out and just can't.

I've got four disks I've just pulled from a TrueNAS system and put into my Proxmox box. I was able to import the filesystem using zpool import, I was able to add ZFS pools as storage locations in the web interface. What I can't do is access the files that were created using TrueNAS in these pools. I can create new disk images on the pools, but can't figure out how to access the files already taking up the storage on the pool.

If somebody could point me in the right direction, my blood pressure would return to normal and my day would be made.

Thank you!
Dangit. It's right at the stupid root of the whole pve... Knew I'd feel like a noob when asking this question.

Here's how I found it:

df -hT
Gave me all the filesystems.
findmnt /zpool/share
Output the target which was:
TARGET           SOURCE                FSTYPE OPTIONS
/zpool/share  zpool/share zfs    rw,xattr,noacl

And yeah, ls lists all the files created by TrueNAS under /zpool/
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Can I share these inside my VMs by setting up an NFS server on PVE, or should I create a NAS VM to do that?
Alright. I'ma LXC a debian install and set up shares from there. I'm having to create subvol disks on the zfs share, mount them, and then move all the files from the original /zpool/share to the subvol disk in the lxc, correct? I can't just use the directory of the /zpool/share/music and use that as a mount point inside the LXC?
I'ma LXC a debian install and set up shares from there.
I meant setting it up on your PVE host as you asked. Of course you can run it in a LX(C) container, having it directly on your host will eliminate bind-mounting etc. ZFS itself has a sharenfs=on option to easily share datasets.


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