kernel panic when creating VMs (centos 9 stream ISO)

Another circumstance where this can arise is when running CentOS Stream or RHEL 9 containers under a VM running in Proxmox. For instance, running a CentOS Stream 9 container on RHEL 8 or CentOS 8 (or any other RHEL 8 derivative) will generate the same error within the container itself. Changing the CPU for the host VM appears to fix those container issues as well.
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I'm encountering this issue with the latest 2022-04-19 centos stream 9 image as well (CentOS-Stream-GenericCloud-9-20220419.0.x86_64.qcow2).

passing `--cpu cputype=host` when creating the vm worked for me as well.

I'm also curious, what is he effect of choosing `host`? Are there drawbacks? What happens when the vm is migrated to a different host?
Hi @ramblurr

the effects depend on what are you doing with proxmox and your configuration.

What I can tell you is: If you have a cluster and each node in the cluster have dfferent cpus, when live migrating, you can find some problems related with cpu.

Other than that I believe it is fine. But for sure other members of the forum can share more from their experience

I've tried AlmaLinux 9.0 today and had this problem.

The Processor Type -> host workaround worked for me.
I've tried OracleLinux 9 today and had this problem.

The Processor Type -> host workaround not working for me.

My CPU is Intel Xeon E5410. May be this CPU does not contains the x86-64-v2 instructions
Hello all, if add cpu with instruction on cpu-models.conf, all worked normal.
my example:
cpu-model: avx+sse
flags +fpu;+de;+pse;+tsc;+msr;+pae;+mce;+cx8;+apic;+sep;+mtrr;+pge;+mca;+cmov;+pat;+pse36;+clflush;+mmx;+fxsr;+sse;+sse2;+syscall;+nx;+pdpe1gb;+rdtscp;+lm;+pni;+pclmulqdq;+ssse3;+cx16;+sse4_1;+sse4_2;+movbe;+popcnt;+aes;+xs
phys-bits host
hidden 0
hv-vendor-id proxmox
reported-model kvm64
It worked for me on Proxmox VE 6.2

cpu-model: rhel9
flags +ssse3;+sse4_1;+sse4_2;+popcnt
phys-bits host
hidden 0
hv-vendor-id proxmox
reported-model kvm64

# qm set 100 --cpu=custom-rhel9
i've just tried that now too, it seems to work fine with the host CPU type, thanks for checking!

no idea, but it works with the CPU type set to host.

if you have similar issues in different hypervisors then it might be a bug on centos' end (would make sense to report it to them if that's the case)
FYI, I had same problem when tried to install Rocky 9 on PVE 7.2 (change CPU type to 'host' fixed it). I tried the same ISO on ESXi 5.5 and was able to install it.
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As would be expected, same results with Rocky Linux 9.0. Change of CPU to Host works.
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As suggested on bugzilla, the type 'max' does also work. This is still an Qemu emulated CPU and not a host passthrough CPU.
same Problem with Rocky Linux 9 (min or DVD Iso)
Same Solution works (CPU: Host)
Kind regrads Marco
same problem.. ubuntu 22, rocky 9..
any idea? yes we can switch to host..but in this case we need kvm64.. any idea?


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