Kernel 5.15 on PVE 8


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May 12, 2022

Is it possible to use and install a 5.15 kernel with Proxmox 8.0.3 (Linux 6.2.16-3-pve) ?

I seem to have understood and read that kernel 5.15 is much more stable than version 6.2.X under Proxmox.

You can use Proxmox 7.x. It's still on 5.15 and an upgrade to 6.2 is optional, but running an older kernel on pve8 is unsupported and untested.
Be aware though that support ends 2024-07.
You can install it manually from proxmox site if you need it, but as Folke said it is soon to be unsupported
Thanks for the answers !

What do you recommend doing ? Stay in version 6.2.16-3-pve or migrate to another Kernel 6.X ?

...Or go back to version 7 ?
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You can use it for now. I have had to stick with the 5.15 kernel on 2 of my nodes after updating to pve 8 because the Linux Kernel 6.* has a bad intel module for x553 sfp+ so my networking dies on both of those.
OK ! I just installed proxmox-kernel-6.5.3-1 => proxmox-boot-tool kernel pin 6.5.3-1-pve

I quickly browsed the forum and it really seems more stable than 6.2.
Does anyone have an idea of the date on the pve-no-subscription repository for kernel-6.5.3-1 ?
Does anyone have an idea of the date on the pve-no-subscription repository for kernel-6.5.3-1 ?
Up to the proxmox devs, but shouldn’t be too much longer. Historically they always pin a post at the top of this forum stating the new kernel is available in the pve-no-subscription repository (or just change the notification post regarding the Test repository availability) so more folks can jump in and try it out prior to making it the default or releasing it to the enterprise repository.
How is the 6.5 for AMD processors ?
I have two servers in test. proxmox 7 and proxmox 8. The 5.15 kernel is working stable on AMD, but 6.2.16-12-pve (on proxmox 8) stop sometimes.
I try to let more stable make some configurations like here (, but no success.
I have other server, a proxmox backup server using 6.2 too. Every 2-3 days stop working.
I have the same issue. Random -- Reboot --

Next step I will test kernel 5.15 ...

48 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4214 CPU @ 2.20GHz (2 Sockets)
Kernel Version

Linux 6.5.11-6-pve (2023-11-29T08:32Z)
Hi May i ask the kernel 5.15 still available at PVE8? i suspect mpt3sas driver issue and checked their latest driver only support ubuntu kernel 5.15.


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