ESXi VM Migration Failing


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Feb 23, 2021
I am following this guide for migrating V2V (VMware to proxmox):

I have exported the VM to .ovf/.vmdk and scp'd them over to proxmox. However, the qm command is failing. Output:

root@proxmox1:~# qm importovf 200 /root/awstats2.ovf data
qemu-img: Could not open '/root/disk-0.vmdk': Invalid footer
could not parse qemu-img info command output for '/root/disk-0.vmdk'
Use of uninitialized value $virtual_size in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/QemuServer/ line 225.
error parsing /root/disk-0.vmdk, size seems to be

Any ideas? I can't seem to find anything specific other than posts regarding qcow2 conversions, which is not related.


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Dec 26, 2020
cd /root/
tar -xzvf awstats2.ovf
qm importdisk 200 awstats2-disk1.vmdk data -format qcow2

You should check, after the extraction, there is maybe more as one disk...

And you need to create the vm "200" before.

If you don't have the drivers already on that vm quest, attack the disk first as sata. Add a 1gb virtio-block disk attach that to virtio scsi, just to install the drivers inside the vm. If you installed the drivers, you can delete the 1gb drive completely and detach + reatach your system drive as virtio-block again.



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Feb 23, 2021
The ovf is not a compressed file.

Per the article, having the .ovf and running qm importovf should build the VM from scratch and use the key-value pair info to build it.

Running your command provides this:

root@proxmox1:~# qm importdisk 200 /root/disk-0.vmdk data -format qcow2
Configuration file 'nodes/proxmox1/qemu-server/200.conf' does not exist

Are you saying I have to build a base VM first? I was not looking to build a base then try some .vmdk disk import. The VM should be built with the ovf information.


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Mar 18, 2019
There are two commands
  1. qm importdisk: This imports a single virtual disk (.vmdk, .qcow2, ...) to an existing VM
  2. qm importovf: This creates a new VM from a .ovf XML description and (potentially) multiple virtual disks that are in the same folder
If you have a single archive that contains the XML description and the virtual disk images then you need to extract it first. Generally you do not need to do any conversion between formats manually (this means not touch qemu-img convert or dd). The qm commands do that for you.

Could you please post ls -lah of your folder and if there is no sensitive content in it also cat <your_OVF>?


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