1. D

    [SOLVED] All Backups Started Failing

    Link To Solution Hey, I've recently started to experience failure in all of my backups. Shortly after I've realized that this has nothing to do with my backup servers because other people can still backup to them, so it's clearly something at my end. I've narrowed this down to an issue with...
  2. J

    Proxmox Dashboard IP

    Hi, I installed ubuntu 22.04.4 server today with qemu guest agent, to get my ip on the dashboard, BUT im getting the ip of all the adapters on the VM, starting with the ones in docker, so i was wondering, is there a way to show only the one that has my network ip?
  3. M

    eine oder mehrere Fragen

    Hallo Zusammen Bin zwar neu mit Proxmox unterwegs aber habe sonst schon mit Linux und zb. mit Truenas Core und Scale gearbeitet. Proxmox aufsetzen war einfach und die Konfiguration danach lief flott. Meine VM erstellt und mit Freunden das Spiel gespielt. Da ich aber eine 10GB Netzwerkkarte...
  4. C

    Error backing up VM to SMB share, but LXC's back up sucessfully

    I have a USB hard drive (on a Raspberry Pi) shared out via Samba and added as storage in Proxmox. I am able to back up (and restore) LXC's to/from this device, but when I run a backup on the only VM I have, it fails with the below output. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this? 2024-01-11...
  5. H

    Minor request on qm --memory setting

    In my attempts to write a shell script to create VMs quickly I've got oneliners working fine i.e. # qm create 9999 --name vmtest --bios ovmf --efidisk0 data:0,efitype=4m,pre-enrolled-keys=1 --boot "order=net0;scsi0" --cores 1 --sockets 1 --cpu host --memory 2048 --net0 model=virtio,bridge=vmbr0...
  6. F

    Help setting up hw acceleration to play genshin inside a win10 vm

    hello good afternoon, i have been having troubles trying to set up a vm for playing genshin i was able to get it to the login screen by either using the -hypervisor flag or kvm=off flag however not only does my screen resolution gets set to 1280x800 and audio doesnt work, but it also disables...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Crash on usb passthrough

    Hello! I've found a strange error with a Windows 2019 guest. One of the use case of this VM is for iTunes, so I've shared an iPhone to the machine. I've installed it around 1 year ago, with proxmox 7, and on that date it worked as expected. Today I've plugged the iPhone and the VM crash; doesn't...
  8. P

    just need to be pointed in the right direction

    Hi all, I apologize for this seemingly trivial request, but as it is my first initial hours of using the system, I am seeking some guidance. I am new to working with Proxmox, having recently transitioned from utilizing ESXI. Presently, I am encountering a recurring setup issue with my new...
  9. P

    Adding rust mounts within a VM

    I'm running a VM where the boot drive is on ssd's. I'd like to have one of the directories on the OS be backed by my spinning rust pool. On lxc containers I can select a storage option and a path to mount it at within the container, how would I do something similar for a VM? I may have...
  10. t.lamprecht

    QEMU 8.1 available on pvetest and pve-no-subscription as of now

    FYI: The next Proxmox VE point release 8.1 (2023/Q4) will default to QEMU 8.1. Internal testing for that version started in July with the first release candidates, since then, our engineers have contributed several complex fixes to the stable release. Today our QEMU 8.1 package has been made...
  11. F

    Convert VM on ZFS to Vmware

    Hi, This is my first post on this board. Please be nice to me. :) I have a single Proxmox server in my homelab with zfs. I want to convert a VM to VMware as a test. For ZFS I'm not sure which VM disk I need to convert. find / | grep vm-101-disk-0 - outputs...
  12. J

    Please Help, I have a very specific use and need to know if its practical to use proxmox for this! Thanks

    Hello, I am the head IT and only IT person at my Dr. office. I build pcs often, and have built most of the staffs personal computers in the office including my Dr.s which they all love, but one of the last 3 that are horribly old and causing problems need to be replaced like over the weekend...
  13. B

    Help needed: Pass audio from guest to host using pulseaudio

    Hello everyone, I have recently started with proxmox running on an Intel NUC8i5 (coffeelake) and love it so far. I really hope for your help. Problem statement I have a goal that I was not able to achieve yet: Running kodi on a linux guest VM and using the hosts HDMI port and/or audio...
  14. W

    Too many open files and VM crash

    HP DL380P G8 CPU: E5-2650L x2 Memory: 384GB PVE 8.0.4 ovs-vsctl (Open vSwitch) 3.1.0 So recently i have been running into an issue on one of my proxmox servers. From time to time when trying to modify a network adapter i will get an error saying the guest is not running and then the change...
  15. N

    Dual 3080 GPUs work in a single VM, but not if I split them to have one each in two VMs.

    System Setup Proxmox 8.0.4 Supermicro H12SSL 1 Nvidia 4090 3 Nvidia 3080 Machine q35 virt101 - 3080 PCI Device 0000:02:00 virt103 - 4090 PCI Device 0000:01:00 I had virt 105 with two 3080s, PCI Device 0000:81:00 and 0000:82:00 Everything works great with this setup; I shut down 105, cloned...
  16. L

    Schrift hat sich automatisch verändert

    War auf dem Debian Server am Arbeiten und plötzlich hat sich die Schrift verändert, als ich wieder aus einer Datei herausging. Nichts wurde angepasst oder verändert. Ich habe keinen Schimmer, wie das passiert ist und wie man dies wieder zurückstellen kann. Ist dies ein Proxmox Problem?
  17. S

    Slow write speeds DRBD

    Hi all, Since the github of drbd seems a bit dead i hope someone here can help us out since we're working with qemu and drbd: Currently we are running 2 servers with a drbd configuration: The machine we're logged into in this picture is the v02, where drbd1 is primary. Here we run a Windows...
  18. L

    Mobile app noVNC cannot be shifted.

    When viewing a QEMU machine console with noVNC, the options are to either scale the screen locally, or not. When scaled locally, the text is so small that it's not practically usable. Disabling local scaling fixes that, but then the view screen cannot be shifted left / right or up / down, so...
  19. H

    NVMe emulation for guests

    Hi folks! I recently read about the advantage of NVMe over VirtIO in terms of storage performance. How about implementing NVMe emulation in Proxmox VE since QEMU already supports it?
  20. P

    [SOLVED] Cannot roll back VMs

    Dear Proxmox Users and Maintainers / Developers, I cannot seem to roll back (maybe only some) VMs. The full rollback log is: Logical volume "vm-196-disk-0" successfully removed. WARNING: You have not turned on protection against thin pools running out of space. WARNING: Set...


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