1. Proxmox backup to OneDrive

    Hello, I want to backup my proxmox container to OneDrive. What is the best approach to achieve this? Are there any guides available on how to do this? Thanks, Dennis
  2. Proxmox VM error

    Hello, I am setting up a home server/VM with my raspberry pi 4. Proxmox is set up along with storage to use, I have tried setting up a windows VM using an iso but get this error code when I try to start it up. “kvm: -no-hpet: Option not supported for this target TASK ERROR: start failed: QEMU...
  3. best way using hybrid disk?

    hello, my existing vm using virtual disk (qcow2) and I want using Passthrough Physical Disk to Virtual Machine (VM) and I have get that info from your wiki my question, it is possible run passtrough with existing vm? what best way to using hybrid disk?
  4. Avoiding fixed IP limitation from pve-zsync

    I've been playing with pve-zsync to backup my datasets and I was quite happy, but the fixed ip limitation was a boomer, because its almost the cost of another fiber connection just having to pay for a fixed IP. So one of my problems was changing the ssh port for security reasons and I've found...
  5. Samsung 860 evo 250gb for proxmox OS only

    Hi, During the process of setting up a new proxmox server, I asked some questions around the forums and another situation arise that caused me some concern. The question was related with the use of SSDs for ZFS on proxmox. So I was thinking that I had a pair of samsung 860 pro 250gb to use...
  6. API Proxmox DeleteVM

    Hello, I would like to know if it is possible with the proxmox API, to make API requests to delete a VM using an html request Thanks in advance for your answers
  7. Shared Storage on a Gigabyte Home Network

    Hello all, I have been thinking of setting up Shared Storage for 3 Proxmox nodes. This will mean 4 systems (NAS, pve1, pve2, pve3). The NAS (for lack of a better name) will share to the 3 nodes using NFS or SMB and will hold all the VMs and CTs only; it will not be used as a multimedia server...
  8. PVE Cluster not working anymore rear updating system / power outage

    Good morning Just updated yesterday throw GUi my Proxmox packets on my two node cluster. For some reason my nodes cannot live together on the cluster anymore: Time is synced on both servers. Corosync config wasn't modified: Tried restarting proxmox core services with no luck: service...
  9. I/O usage monitoring from host

    Hello. Proxmox 7.1 Is there any way to monitor per-host I/O usage ? In previous versions i could do that by simple "iotop", that showed certain vms and their writes/reads. But now i only see "io_wqe_worker-*" that means nothing for me... How do u guys monitor which VM uses a lot of disk...
  10. powersupport

    IO speed or network speed restricting ?

    Hi, bwlimit: 100000 KBPS "/etc/vzdump.conf" May I know if this configuration restricts IO speed or the network speed or both, Also, do we need to make any changes after modifying this conf file like reboot the node etc. Do we need to modify the same in all the cluster nodes ? Our situation...
  11. Hilfe für Proxmox mit pfSense VLAN´s

    Hallo Zusammen, ich bin echt seit mehreren Tagen und Nächten am verzweifeln mit meinem neuen HomeLab. Obwohl ich viel hier und im Netz mich eingelesen habe, geht es in meinen alten Schädel nicht rein :( bzw., bekomme ich das als Newbie nicht umgesetzt. Daher bitte ich einmal um Eure...
  12. Proxmox VMs - No Route to Host

    Hallo, wir haben aktuell Probleme mit der Netzwerkverbindung zu den VMs unter Proxmox 7.2-4. Dies betrifft ein Cluster mit zwei Nodes auf den die VMs betrieben werden. Fehlerbild: Sporadisch sind die VMs nicht erreichbar, sobald diese auf den anderen Nodes migriert werden, kann eine Verbindung...
  13. powersupport

    NAS backup storage in proxmox

    Hi, If we add NAS to proxmox, will it support incremental backups? Thank you
  14. powersupport

    VMs not migrating when the node is down

    Hi, Today, we have a power failure in one of the nodes and went shutdown, but none of the VMs in the node migrated to another node, may I know if anyone can advise on this? Thank you
  15. powersupport

    Add multiple disks to single node proxmox

    Hi, Is it possible to add multiple disks to a single node Proxmox? if so, could you please share with us the possibilities here? Thank you
  16. Hetzner Cloud & Robot via vSwitch

    Moin! Ich habe bei Hetzner einen CloudServer & einen Dedicated. Auf dem Cloud-Server läuft eine pfSense. Diese läuft dort da alles über diese gehen soll damit z.B. Proxmox nicht von extern erreichbar ist & ich Portforwardings, VPN usw dort sehr gut regulieren kann. Plan ist folgender: Wenn...
  17. Accessing Proxmox via VPN

    Hello everyone, It's my first time posting here :) I installed a proxmox in my local network with the following network config : auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp2s0 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address gateway...
  18. Network/Bridge Help.

    im trying to setup a network bridge between my 10gbit cards so my computer has a network card with 2 10gbit ports that i want to set up as a bridge in windows to effectively get "20gbit" between proxmox and my pc. proxmox server is behind my computer. so i have 2 10gbit in main pc going to...
  19. powersupport

    how proxmox separate the VMs securely(kvm)

    Hi, Can anyone advise how Proxmox separates the VMs securely in the environment? Thank you
  20. USB-Hub Passthrough

    Hi, lässt sich das irgendwie einrichten das ich einen ganzen USB hub an eine Windows VM durchreiche? lg Jonathan


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