Docker support in Proxmox

What for? Clear container already use qemu, so why don't you use a simply VM instead?
There is a definite plus to docker compared to normal container/vm technology.
Compared to normal package management, you can take a docker storage and move it to any server and install a new container and its up & running with the latest versions.
Reinstalling a server is just taking the container down pulling a new version in and starting back up.
This is not as easily done with a VM / container.


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Mar 3, 2015
As LnxBill said previously, PVE provides IAAS, which mean the end unit you manage with PVE are *virtualized OSs*, with a state.
With Docker the end unit you manage is *a stateless applications* which is a different scope.
Both LXC and Docker are both called *Containers* because they use the same Linux Kernel features (cgroups) but for a difference purpose,

Thus the proper way to use to get the power of both is do install a docker swarm on top of a group of VM.
Then using PVE features ( cluster manager, ceph, etc ... ) your docker hosts are higly available, and using the docker daemon running inside your VMs, your stateless applications are easily deployable.

In fact I presume most if not all of the big docker deployments are taking place on top of VMs, which is the approach recommended by
Docker themselves with their Docker Machine
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Mar 23, 2011
interesting addition to this discussion :


runq is a hypervisor-based Docker runtime based on runc to run regular Docker images in a lightweight KVM/Qemu virtual machine. The focus is on solving real problems, not on number of features.

Key differences to other hypervisor-based runtimes:

  • minimalistic design, small code base
  • no modification to existing Docker tools (dockerd, containerd, runc...)
  • coexistence of runq containers and regular runc containers
  • no extra state outside of Docker (no libvirt, no changes to /var/run/...)
  • simple init daemon, no systemd, no busybox
  • no custom guest kernel or custom qemu needed
  • runs on x86_64 and s390x


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