Create LVM partition on proxmox installed on debian


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Jun 27, 2023
I have just installed proxmox on top of debian bookworm not because I want a custom partition layout, but because the proxmox ISO wouldn't install of my machine due to driver issues (when booting the ISO, it halted on the loading drivers part).

Here is my current partition layout

how would I go about resizing the /dev/sda2 partition and creating a LVM partition?
Thank you
ive reinstalled debian and have chosen the 'use entire disk and set up LVM' partitioning method
This is what my partitions look like now


and the LVM section

but now i have another problem. I cannot create a thin pool because it is saying there is no free space. Here is the command I have ran

administrator@srv1:~$ sudo lvcreate -L 100G -n data srv1-vg
  Volume group "srv1-vg" has insufficient free space (0 extents): 25600 required.

Also, when I try to create a LVM thinpool through the web interface, It says no disks unused:

This is my first time using proxmox and Im not certain what a thinpool or and LVM is - im just trying to get it to work initially
I finally figured it out. I will leave instructions here for newcomers like me that need to install proxmox ontop of debian.

1. When installing Debian from the ISO, choose the 'Guided - use entire disk and set up LVM' partition method.
LVM stands for logical volume manager. LVM is an abstraction that allows you to create partitions (known as logical volumes) that span across multiple disks (multiple physical volumes) as well as providing functionality so that you can expand a partition while it is mounted. A volume group is a collection of physical and logical volumes (basically a collection of disks and partitions). You can have multiple volume groups but most systems only require one. Make sure to make the root partition less than the whole disk so that you can create a thinpool with the remaining space.

2. Install proxmox ontop of debian through the required guide

3. Create a thin pool using this command:
lvcreate -L 100G --thinpool nameOfPool nameOfVG
This command will create a thin pool (specified by the -T) with name 'nameOfLV' of size 100 GB in volume group 'nameOfVG'

4. Create (or edit) the /etc/pve/storage.cfg file

dir: local
    path /var/lib/vz
    content iso,vztmpl,backup

lvmthin: local-lvm
    thinpool __YourThinPoolName__
    vgname __YourVolumeGroupName__
    content rootdir,images

After these steps, it should work.
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