1. R

    Need help with partitioning

    Hello, I've recently re-created my proxmox setup (I'm kinda noob on this) following guides. I've partioned my disk during the installation (ssd 500G) in order to have free space as VM storage. How can I use this free space? I've look around and find that I should use fdisk but when I do it says...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Use physical disk partition as fileserver for Virtual Machine or Container

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to use a physical disk partition (SSD) as a space for files serving a virtual machine or container. I want to create a virtualized NAS in which the files are always visible and available regardless of the VM or CT (e.g. by physically...
  3. K

    partition hdd directory

    Hello, I need help guys. I have a separate 500GB HDD drive, I created it as a Directory through the GUI in ext4, created one partition /dev/sdc1, but did not find how to make a second partition /dev/sdc2 in the GUI. Is it possible to split a 250GB Directory disk into 2 partitions and how to do it?
  4. D

    I wish to increase a Directory in size after upgrading physical disk

    I first had a 1TB SSD and a secondary 1TB hdd in my system. I upgraded the secondary 1TB HDD to a 2TB SSD. I created the directory on the old 1TB HDD so now i have a 1TB directory and can't seem to resize it to 2TB. Now the problem is that the partition is 2TB but the directory doesn't change...
  5. R

    Best Practice... Install additional storage drive.

    Hey Gang... I have a basic Proxmox setup (8.0.4). The server has an 500GB nvme drive with the default set up of: local 100gb local-lvm 400gb I'm a 2TB SATA SSD drive to the mix, and wondering the best way to set it up to be able to: Store more VM's (less active) Store Backups all VM's...
  6. M

    Create LVM partition on proxmox installed on debian

    I have just installed proxmox on top of debian bookworm not because I want a custom partition layout, but because the proxmox ISO wouldn't install of my machine due to driver issues (when booting the ISO, it halted on the loading drivers part). Here is my current partition layout how would...
  7. A

    How to remove a NTFS partition from SSD?

    Brand new n00b to Proxmox. I installed it last night and liked what I saw, so I am going to play with it a bit. Today I swapped out an old Adata SU630 SSD for a new Samsung NVMe on my son's desktop, so I thought I would throw it in this PVE machine. As you can see, it is reading the SSD, but it...
  8. D

    Homelab cluster - disk setup best practice guide, ZFS

    Hi - firstly, I have looked for a guide on how best to do this, but haven't found anything that I can make sense of, mostly because the majority appears to (understandably) be targeted towards Enterprise environments - if i've missed one, I would be very grateful for a link, and totally...
  9. A

    two systems on the same hd

    Good afternoon. My doubt is simple, but I do not know if it is possible to do. I have only 1 hd of 1TB and want to install two different systems (Windows10 and Debian). Would it be possible to divide this same HD in equal sizes to install the two systems? I tried to partition it. I installed...
  10. L

    Swap almost full

    Hello, The available swap space on one of the servers is almost all in use (7GB used out of 8GB), even though it has plenty of memory available (50GB used out of 188GB). I would like help with two questions: 1 - How can I reduce the use of swap, even having several containers using swap? 2 -...
  11. S

    Zweite Festplatte Partition und ZFS

    Hallo Zusammen, ich installiere gerade meinen ersten Proxmox Server. Habe eine NVMe mit 256 GB und eine 1 TB Sata SDD. Auf dern NVMe wurde Proxmox installiert. Auf der 1TB wollte ich ZFS als Dateisystem einrichten und die VM Disk ablegen. Jetzt habe ich mehrere Fragen: Wo lade ich dann die ISOs...
  12. K

    [SOLVED] proxmox disk partition, no space left on device

    Hello! when i try to run apt update on my proxmox 7.2 server, i'm getting a list of errors and warnings because the / directory is full and it's saying that there's no space left on the device. and i don't have a disk partition for LVM storage so i'm not able to add ISO files anymore, what can...
  13. R

    no space in my local-lvm proxmox... [HELP]

    hello, recently it is the 1st time that I install a proxmox server and I did not know the good thing about joining the local partition and local-lvm as a single partition to better use and avoid wasting empty space in the local partition for the isos, so now i have this problem I thought to...
  14. D

    Install poxmox on a partition and not on the whole disk?

    I want to test Proxmox and I want to install Proxmox not on the whole disk but on a partition. How do I mount the whole thing as root so that Proxmox is installed only on one partition and does not delete the whole disk?
  15. W

    [SOLVED] Extend VM drive when linux FS is first entry

    Hello, My VM has run out of storage on its virtual drive. I went to extend the drive in proxmox, then I realized I would have to extend the partition in the VM as well. The problem is that the linux file system is the first partition on the drive with the swap and extended, so I cannot just...
  16. P

    Disk partitioning

    Hello. A while ago, when i set up proxmox on my HP ProDesk 400 G4 Mini (, i specified the HDSIZE on installation. I thought the 50 GBs from my 256 gb SSD would be enough and the rest of the space i would use for VMs. Now i'd like to resize the...
  17. Y

    [SOLVED] iscsi direct lun: vm has wrong partition layout

    I am currently setting up iSCSI storage with direct LUNs. However, VM does not detect any partition (the LUNs already have data on them). I experimented and found that if I create a MBR table (rather than GPT) with a single partition, the VM detects the partition but with an invalid size. Host...
  18. H

    How to copy / clone a VM on a physical disk ?

    Hello, I have a Virtual Machine on a distant server that I want to clone with the exact amount of data into a physical disk. I tried to dd the command to copy the virtual image and tried to transfert ip to another distant machine through a ssh connection. dd if=/dev/sda | gzip -1 - | ssh...
  19. D

    Best practice for setting up a Node with only one drive?

    I have set up a Datacenter Cluster with two nodes and one Backup Server with a reverse proxy and several webservers, each on its own VM. Each node is running on a re-purposed embedded firewall device with only space for a single 512G drive (a M.2 SSD). The Proxmox Backup Server is running on a...
  20. L

    /boot partition auslagern ?

    Hallo zusammen, mein Server (HP Proliant 360 gen8) bootet nicht von seinen Festplatten, wenn der RAID-Controller im "HBA-Modus" betrieben wird. Sprich : ich kann nicht von Festplatte booten, wenn ich aus dem "RAID-Modus" raus bin.. Nun zu meiner Frage: Der Server bootet aber von USB/bzw...


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