[SOLVED] Ceph cluster network vs. Ceph public network: which data is transferred over which network?


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Mar 4, 2014
I have completed setup of 6 node cluster running PVE and Ceph.

This is my ceph configuration:
root@ld3955:~# more /etc/pve/ceph.conf
auth client required = cephx
auth cluster required = cephx
auth service required = cephx
cluster network =
fsid = 6b1b5117-6e08-4843-93d6-xxxxxxxxxxxx
keyring = /etc/pve/priv/$cluster.$name.keyring
mon allow pool delete = true
osd journal size = 5120
osd pool default min size = 2
osd pool default size = 3
public network =
osd crush update on start = false

keyring = /var/lib/ceph/mds/ceph-$id/keyring

keyring = /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-$id/keyring

host = ld3955
mds standby for name = pve

host = ld3976
mds standby for name = pve

host = ld5505
mon addr =

host = ld5506
mon addr =

host = ld5507
mon addr =

The public network is configured on a 10GBit NIC, and the cluster network on a 40GBit NIC.
All OSDs are only connected to nodes

I have mounted a NFS share on ld3955 using a 40GBit NIC.

When I transfer data from the remote location to a RBD I can monitor the max. throughput of 10GBit on this interfaces:
vmbr0 (= public network)
bond0 (= cluster network)

My assumption was that all data that must be distributed on the OSDs will be transferred over cluster network.
But this seems to be wrong, or why can I see this on vmbr0 with iftop?
353Mb 707Mb 1,04Gb 1,38Gb 1,73Gb
ld3955 => ld5505 973Mb 1,17Gb 1,15Gb
<= 881Kb 1,16Mb 1,08Mb
ld3955 => ld5506 1,20Gb 1,11Gb 1,12Gb
<= 1,49Mb 1,61Mb 1,53Mb
ld3955 => ld5508 1,06Gb 1,07Gb 1,08Gb
<= 1,31Mb 1,30Mb 1,25Mb
ld3955 => ld5507 1,13Gb 1,04Gb 1,03Gb
<= 1,34Mb 1,33Mb 1,28Mb

Please comment and advise.

See here, a client sends the data over the public network, as PVE is both client and server, it will transfer on both.

Well, in this particular scenario I tried to outwit Ceph.
This means, the client communicates with the Ceph cluster in the cluster network:
The client's NFS share is mounted over cluster network NIC.

However, this does not have the expected impact if I use host ld3955 which is neither a MON nor a OSD.
Switching the node, means mounting the NFS share on ld5505 which is a MON and a OSD, works better; the throughput is +10GBit/s on bond0.
The cluster network seen in the picture, is only for the OSDs and their replication/heartbeat. Every other communication with Ceph happens on the public network.


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