cluster network

  1. L

    HA cluster L2 network bridge sanity-check

    I have 1G and 2.5G networks for management and lan uplink with 10G for the cluster and 40G for ceph traffic. Port layout is in the attached (bad) diagram. Two questions: Is this a sane way to do HA just using l2 bridges or is this asking for trouble? (STP, 1st node routing to the 3rd through...
  2. D

    EVPN SDN issues after Upgrade Proxmox VE from 7 to 8

    Hello all, I'm running multiple 3-node clusters, installed Proxmox VE on top of a plain Debian Bullseye (without using the Proxmox VE ISO) on version 7.4-16 with a no-subscription repository and recently I've proceeded and successfully upgrade one 3-node (lab/test) PVE cluster to 8.0.3...
  3. C

    how much bandwidth does cluster network take usually?

    # ENV - i've got three servers(Dell R740) with two 10G NICs and four 1G NICs each. - i'm planning to bridge one 10G NIC to VMs in every sever, and conect the other 10G NIC to an external ceph cluster. # ISSUE - Is one 1G NIC enough for 'PVE Cluster Network' ? - i plan to use one or two 1G NICS...
  4. F

    [SOLVED] Migrate CEPH public_network online

    Hi, we are in the following productive situation 5 x PVE CEPH Storage with 2x1GE NIC and 1 x dual 10GE NIC (LACP) for the CEPH public network 5 x PVE Compute Nodes with 2x1GE NIC and 2 x dual 10GE NIC (LACP), one is for the CEPH public network 2 x MLAG/LACP connected 10GE Switches (Lenovo, low...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Ceph cluster network vs. Ceph public network: which data is transferred over which network?

    Hi, I have completed setup of 6 node cluster running PVE and Ceph. This is my ceph configuration: root@ld3955:~# more /etc/pve/ceph.conf [global] auth client required = cephx auth cluster required = cephx auth service required = cephx cluster network =...
  6. aasami

    How to assemble cluster after a network failure

    Hello all, may be a noobish question, but I have a fire on the roof (metaphorically). We had a network issue, and all nodes stopped seeing each other at the same time. After we resolved the network issue, all cluster nodes seem to be on their own: # pvecm status Quorum information...


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