1. I

    Ceph - Module 'restful' has failed dependency PyO3 modules may only be initialized once

    Proxmox noob here - I've been asked to setup a 3 node PVE 8.1.10 cluster specifically to investigate options for monitoring with our NMS. First install, I hit the (apparently) well known CEPH v18.2 (Reef) dashboard compatibility problem, and subsequently rebuilt the cluster and installed CEPH...
  2. herzkerl

    Ceph Object Gateway (RadosGW), multi-part uploads and ETag

    We'd been having issues with a particular (Synology) Hyper Backup quite some time. Synology support analyzed the log files and told us that there's no ETag returned after a multi-part upload: 2023-11-21T13:20:55+01:00 NAS img_worker[20149]: (20149) [err] transfer_s3.cpp:355 ETag is empty...
  3. J

    PMX 8.1.4 - Post upgrade - Network throughput problem - Iperf3 0.00 bits/s

    Hi, Long shot.... Trying to repair the questionable decision to reinstall for upgrade from 7.4.x and to 8.1.4. Question: Why is the iperf3 showing these issues? Not necessarily even a problem, but still very strange results. Background: 4 host machines 256 core in total 2TB RAM, all...
  4. D

    Importing a Ceph disk

    Doing this all on the command line to create a VM on a Ceph storage. Hoping this is a simple fix. qm create ... qemu-img create rbd:Ceph/vm-998-disk-0 41G Formatting 'rbd:Ceph/vm-998-disk-0', fmt=raw size=44023414784 When I run the following command, I get this error: # qm disk import 998...
  5. K

    [SOLVED] Ceph and Storage Networking Configuration

    I have a three node cluster. Each node is an HP 600 G6 DM with the built in 1GbE port and a 10GbE add on through the Flex IO port. Each nodes gigabit port is connected to my UniFi Dream Machine on the (VLAN2) network. The three 10GbE connections are connected to a USW-Flex-XG. I plan...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] Ceph and erasure code profile

    So I have some servers where I am trying to setup the ssd to utilize erasure-coding. Problem is there are hdd's on as well and I needed to set the device class to ssd.. So using the instructions I was able to create the profile I wanted using the following command ceph osd erasure-code-profile...
  7. R

    Smartctl Offline_Uncorrectable in SSD

    Hello ! I am receiving a lot of email about Offline_Uncorrectable in my SSD, in different servers and multiple devices. The following warning/error was logged by the smartd daemon: Device: /dev/sdc [SAT], 16 Offline uncorrectable sectors Device info: HFS1T9G32FEH-BA10A...
  8. S

    Ceph - 1 subtrees have committed pool target_size_bytes

    Hello everyone We have gotten this failure on our 3 nodes cluster and I really don't know how to solve it. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance
  9. I

    Ceph configuration - best practices

    Long story short... not possible. I'm planning to install and use ceph and HA in my working cluster enviroment. I have 4 nodes with 256GB RAM each and 2x10G NICs dedicated for ceph cluster network traffic. I already know this may be not enough for perfect performance so I'm planning to swap NICs...
  10. D

    Command Line - Create a disk on Ceph storage

    I need to create a new VM (250+ actually) that uses Ceph storage. To create a disk on non-Ceph storage: echo "----- Creating the disk -----" qemu-img create -f qcow2 $DISK $STORAGE_SIZE How do I create a disk on Ceph storage?
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Import KVM Snapshots to Proxmox

    Hello, I'm excited to share that I've successfully migrated and imported two virtual machines from an existing KVM ovirt environment to a new hyperconverged Proxmox setup, utilizing an external Ceph cluster, which also operates as a KVM environment. Leveraging the Proxmox migration guidelines...
  12. B

    [SOLVED] Thin Provisioning in a Ceph Cluster managed by Proxmox

    Hello, I have a system landscape where I have set up a ProxmoxVE instance and an external Ceph cluster in Quorum 3. From there, I migrated two VMs, along with their disks, from an already existing oVirt KVM landscape to ProxmoxVE for testing purposes, using the CLI utilities provided by...
  13. C

    Cephs not working and rbd locked problem

    Hello! We have recently installed a PVE cluster with three nodes and want to use Cephs. The hosts are (almost) identical. Host 3 has a different network interface. We have a public network channel and an exclusive cluster network channel for Ceph. Each host has four discs for OSDs. Creating...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Ceph OSD adding issues

    Greetings community! After few month of using ceph from Proxmox i decided to add new disk and stuck with this issue. ceph version 17.2.7 (2dd3854d5b35a35486e86e2616727168e244f470) quincy (stable) Running command: /usr/bin/ceph-authtool --gen-print-key Running command: /usr/bin/ceph --cluster...
  15. E

    [SOLVED] Issues Moving CEPH Traffic to Fiber Cards on Proxmox - RBD Unavailable After Switch

    Hi everyone, long time lurker but hey, there's a first time at anything right? So i have posted about a problem i'm facing on the proxmox reddit, and someone PM'd me to post it also here, so here's a copypasta of the original post with added all the things they told me to try over there, hope...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] Proxmox mount Cephfs on linux VM

    root@pve1:~# sudo cat /etc/ceph/ceph.conf [global] auth_client_required = cephx auth_cluster_required = cephx auth_service_required = cephx cluster_network = fsid = 5dcbd126-d511-4e12-a653-fee67d7ec467 mon_allow_pool_delete =...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] Proxmox ceph network configuration

    Hi, I read this sentence on ceph hardware-recommendations : "Provision at least 10 Gb/s networking in your datacenter, both among Ceph hosts and between clients and your Ceph cluster" This is my ceph configuration: [global] auth_client_required = cephx auth_cluster_required = cephx...
  18. M

    [TUTORIAL] What are the steps to create and mount CephFS on a Linux VM?

    It will help if it is GUI-based steps to create CephFS. I currently have configured Ceph as shared storage on all 3 nodes. Also, Linux VMs are on local storage. I have to use CephFs to create a shared folder between 2 VMs on different nodes.
  19. S

    Migration from RAID to Ceph without outage

    OK, so I’m fairly new to Proxmox and Ceph. I need some advice on how to migrate to Ceph. Current Layout: SERVER01: (Same exact hardware as SERVER02) Production - hosting 20-30 VM’s Storage Hardware RAID 2 - SSD’s setup as RAID1 6 - SSD’s setup as RAID5 This storage is hosting the VM’s Needs...
  20. L

    New build: storage optimization for variety of workloads

    Storage noob here. I am building a new single node proxmox server on a 2U server that has 9 3.5in 4TB HDDs and 6 2.5in 800GB SSDs beyond what is used for Proxmox's boot image. The server will be running a mix of stateful container workloads, databases for stateless containers, and VMs for...


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