Base install on SSD, SATA HDD or SAS HDD? Storage dilemma.


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Jun 24, 2019
Hey Guys!

First of all huge thanks for the support. This forum is a great help with any issues I have encountered so far..

I need some guidance with storage setup in my proxmox node...

Current setup:

-4x2tb SAS hdd (RAIDZ2, holds roughly 1TB of data now)
-100gb consumer grade ssd

SSD holds:

- proxmox base install
- ZFS pool cache partition
- ZFS log partition

SAS hdds are used only as a ZFS pool.

New hdds:
- 4TB WD Red Sata
- 2x 2TB SAS hdd

- Super fast wearout on SSD
My ssd is being eaten by proxmox with unreal speed. Wearout is increasing somewhere around 1% per week.
- Expanding ZFS pool

I want to add 2 new SAS hdds.

The best idea I came up with is:
  1. Install Proxmox on 4TB WD drive
  2. Partition it so I will use (let's say) 100gb for Proxmox and rest of the space for a "backup" ZFS pool
  3. Send current 4x2TB ZFS pool into newly created backup pool on 4TB drive
  4. Destroy 4x2TB SAS pool, add new drives send data from backup pool (created in step 2.) into new 6x2tb pool
Not sure if it is the most optimal solution.

Key questions:
- Can I use partition as a zfs pool (eg. /dev/sda1 will be proxmox install, /dev/sda2 will be used for a backup pool, not entire /dev/sda)
- Should I create log/cache partitions on 4TB drive or there is no point in doing it on SATA drive?
- Maybe I should keep proxmox installed on SSD and just can the cache/log partitions?
- Not sure if I am missing some possible solutions like eg. using 6x2tb and 1x4tb as a one big zfs pool and using proxmox installer to create it?

Thanks for your help!
Super fast wearout on SSD
My ssd is being eaten by proxmox with unreal speed. Wearout is increasing somewhere around 1% per week.
The reason for that should be this:
ZFS pool cache partition
- ZFS log partition

And the biggest reason for that all is:
100gb consumer grade ssd
Why not buy enterprise SSD? They not much expensive today and will have much more TBW or PBW.
I join

I have:
- 1 HP microserver gen8 G1610T
- 1 SSD Micron 240Gb 5200 MAX
- 2 HDDs Western Digital 2Tb Ultrastar 7K6000

and I want to install Proxmox 6.

Question: how best to do it?
1) Install Proxmox on SSD, from HDDs to make RAID storage,
2) Install Proxmox on HDDs (RAID, ZFS RAID) and SSD to use for log and cache?
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